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• 5/25/2013

No longer on Facebook

To my friends on this Wiki, I no longer have Facebook, but you can all still find me here on the Wikia sites, I mostly am active on Puppy In my Pocket Fanon Wiki (A link to the Wiki is on the main page) and you can also fnd me on Holt Rhulain Wiki as well. also check the list of Wikis I have on my profile, each of those Wikis you may find me on every once in a while, mostly keep your attention on Puppy In My Pocket Fanon Wiki Chat and Holt Rhulain Wiki Chat, were I mostly be on. I keep in touch. Nikolai Banks (talk) 13:07, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

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• 6/4/2013

I've been wondering, would it be possible to relocate this wiki to a shorter URL, like simply AdventuresInPocketville.wikia ? w:c:AdventuresInPocketville is free I figure the Pocketville already implies the PIMP (lol acronym) series.

Alternatively, w:c:PuppyInMyPocket also appears to be free. This might be better since we have Category:Big City Characters and cover things in the series outside of Pocketville now, I think.

While w:c:PIMP is taken, I have requested Wikia staff to shut it down and redirected here.

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