With this series, there are three alternate English dubs (and the reason why is unknown).

There is the original dubbing, the British dubbing and the dubbing on Mondo’s channel, which is a mix of the British and something else.

These dubs will likely have different names and different genders for characters, objects and situations. Sometimes the lines are different or missing as well, but generally mean the same thing.

Original Dub

This most likely takes every name from the Italian dub. There are certain differences from the Mondo dub and British dub:


  • Kate: Kate is called Flo
  • Princess Ava: Ava is called Ami, and speaks with an Italian accent in the first few episodes. In the rest of the episodes, she has an American accent.
  • Eva: Eva is called Ima
  • Danny: Danny is called Ciro, and in Episode 03, is a female for unexplained reasons.
  • Balloon: Balloon is a male for unexplained reasons in the first few episodes. However, in the rest of the episodes, Balloon is female and speaks with a Southern accent.
  • Claudia: Claudia is called Clelia
  • Dot: Dot is a male
  • Pia: Pia is a male, and speaks with a “Californian surfer” accent.


  • Friendship Heart: The Friendship Heart is called the Friendships Heart, but this is a minor difference
  • Pocketpedia: The Pocketpedia is called the Puppypedia


  • Friendship Ceremony: The Friendship Ceremony is called the “Birth Ceremony”, and pets who are sent to Earth are considered “coming to life”.

British Dub

Coming after finished with Original Dub

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