Caroline is a girl who is the owner of a Dalmatian named Dot. She is the first child Princess Ava sends a pet to in the series.

She is unnamed in the first episode, however, her name is revealed in the official description of said episode.

Depiction in the series


Caroline is known to be extroverted and social because she loves to play with her friends.


The Friendship Ceremony

Caroline makes her one and only appearance at the start of the episode when her parents give her a birthday gift: a ragdoll that is a duplicate of one she has. She asks her mother if she could play with her, but her mother states that she has to leave for work, which leaves Caroline distraught and in need of a friend.

Eventually Caroline meets Dot, who magically appeared from Pocketville while she was bored throwing pebbles around. As soon as she catches sight of the little Dalmatian puppy, she immediately cheers up.

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