Danny (Ciro in Italian) is an Neapolitan Mastiff puppy, and one of the Royal Guards. He’s fond of his new friend, Kate, and does his best to help out, despite being the butt of most of his friends’ jokes, and being the comic relief. He’s determined to make Eva pay for her crimes against Pocketville.


He's cheerful, lively, and a little slow in the head, but always ready and willing to protect Princess Ava and the Pocket Kingdom at the drop of a hat. Danny is very talkative and will always have something to say, even if it is brutally honest. He is loyal and caring toward his friends, though he can be stubborn in certain situations. 

Ocassionally he is disobedient and lazy, and even greedy, but William is always there to bring him to order. He was known for being the worst in class as he was too playful.