"Is it Felis aulicus? Feles Aulicus? Felis aulicum?"
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Doctor Copper (Karota in Italian) is a bunny doctor from Pocketville who was chosen as Beatrix's perfect pet. In Pocketville, she would give good advice for staying healthy and natural remedies to all her patients. She helped Beatrix prove to her overprotective mother that her once-sickly daughter is now well enough to do things on her own.


She is a wise and kind rabbit. She is an excellent doctor who devotes her time helping patients. Eva used this to her advantage, and stalled for time by getting Zull and Gort I'll so that she would take care of them before going to the Big City.

She is able to tell if a patient is sick or not. For example, a hen came with her chick believing he was sick, but Doctor Copper assured her he wasn’t. When Zull and Gort came, they were actually sick, so she cured them when they accidentally revealed the cause of their illness.


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