By the power of the Friendship Heart... Let the Friendship Ceremony... Begin!

Princess Ava

Episode 1 is titled Friendship Ceremony (The original title is L’anniversario del regno, which translates to “The Anniversary of the Kingdom”). It is the first episode of the first season.

Offical Synopsis

It is a day of joy for Caroline and her little Dalmatian, Dot, that they will finally meet. Joy reigns in the kingdom of Pocketville that is going to celebrate an important anniversary, when also Oristolfo will be given a little owner. Unfortunately, the wicked, jealous, devious, envious, selfish, mean and evil twin sister, Ima and her two dog henchmen, Zull and Gort take advantage of the ceremony to steal Ami's half of the Friendship Heart, causing the Princess’ disappearance.


A little girl called Caroline (her name is not mentioned in the episode) is lonely on her birthday. Her parents arrive and give her a present: A doll identical to one she already owns. Her parents were both too busy too play with her, and she longed for a friend to play with. Her wishes are sent through Pocketville, a magical place full of young pets who long for owners. The pets got excited about the Friendship Trail and the fountain crystallizing. Danny, a royal guard, rushes to the castle to announce that the fountain had been crystallized. The monarch of the Pocket Kingdom, Ava, uses the Pocketpedia to find the perfect match: A little Dalmatian named Dot (who is also unnamed in the episode). Ava performs the Friendship Ceremony and sends Dot to the Big City, where she befriends Caroline.

Ava is excited for the anniversary which is the next day, and tells her sister Eva about it. During the night, Eva proclaims her hatred and jealousy for Ava and plots with her henchdogs in secret against Ava, planning to take the role of princess herself. The next day is the anniversary, and in the Big City, we are introduced to Kate, who is sad that she’s going to live away from her mother. A German Shepherd named Oristolfo is decided as the perfect pet for her.

During the Friendship Ceremony, Eva puts her plan into action, and her henchdog Zull gets the Friendship Heart, accidentally breaking it in half. Ava managed to save Oristolfo in time, but the fountain exploded with water and she disappeared, leaving the fountain dry. Eva escapes with half of the Friendship Heart, while the other half is found by Balloon in the fountain. Then, Kate unexpectedly appears at the fountain.








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FRIENDSHIP CEREMONY Puppy in my Pocket s. 1 ep

FRIENDSHIP CEREMONY Puppy in my Pocket s. 1 ep. 1 EN-1543657734