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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Caroline’s bedroom in the Big City]
Caroline *playing with dolls* And how are you today? I feel so lonely.
(Her mother and father enter the room, the mother holding a wrapped gift. The father clears his throat.)
Caroline *gasps* Mum! Dad! You’re not at work!
Father Well, it is your birthday.
(Her mother walks over to her.)
Mother Happy birthday sweetheart. *she hands the gift and the girl giggles* Here’s a little something for your special day.
Caroline *she unwraps it and gets excited, but then shows disappointment* Oh, thanks...
(Inside the box is another doll identical to the one she already has. The father’s cellphone rings and he answers it.)
Father *he walks out the room* That meeting’s today? I’ll be right over.
Caroline Mum, will you play with me please? *she holds her new doll*
Mother Aw, honey. *she crouches down and strokes her daughter’s hair* We’re going to work. *she stands up and walks away, waving* I’ll call you later, okay?
(The door closes. The girl walks over to her bed and throws the doll onto it in frustration.)
Caroline Ugh! It’s always the same.
(The Friendship Trail emerges from her heart and goes out the window. It is invisible to her.)
Caroline I’m tired of playing alone...
[Trans. Pocketville]
Random puppy Yeah! *laughs*
(The Friendship Trail passes by and there is still laughing. Some puppies run out of the school.)
Magic Be careful puppies! Steady now!
Claudia Thank you Oristolfo. They do get a bit excited!
Magic You’re welcome Claudia, but do you have to call me Oristolfo?
Claudia *rolls her eyes* But that is your name, isn’t it?
Magic For now. But soon I’ll have a new special friend and family. And a new name!
(The Friendship Trail passes by and Magic hears it.)
Magic Huh? *he sees the Friendship Trail* Look! The Friendship Trail!
(Magic chases after the Friendship Trail.)
Magic Here we go! Here we gooo!
[Trans. the Magic Fountain]
(The Friendship Trail reaches the fountain, forming a star shape made of sparkles on the water. The Magic Fountain crystallizes and an image of Caroline appears. Pets, including Magic arrive at the edge of the fountain to look at the image.)
Magic I wonder who the lucky one will be!
[Trans. Ext. Pocketville Castle]
[Trans. Int. Pocketville Castle]
(Danny runs towards the thrones.)
Danny Princess Ava! Princess Ava! *he stops to catch his breath*
Ava Calm down, Danny. You’ll pass out!
(William shakes his head and walks to Danny.)
William The princess is right. Pull yourself together, you are a royal guard!
Balloon What’s so urgent?
Mela Is it the fountain?
Danny The waters have—
Ava The waters have crystallized. Let that be joy for today and we shall bring happiness to another child.
(Ava jumps off her throne and Danny tries following her.)
William Danny! *he blocks Danny’s way* How many times have I told you the princess needs to be alone to choose the right puppy!
[Trans. Ava’s bedroom]
(Ava walks towards the bookshelf.)
Ava *closes her eyes* Oh Friendship Heart, hear my voice. Guide me as always to make the right choice.
(Green sparkles go towards the bookshelf and form a heart shape. The Pocketpedia floats out, opens, and starts turning pages. Ava opens her eyes and gasps. The pages stop turning and it zooms in on a picture of a Dalmatian.)
Ava So... She is the chosen one.
[Trans. the Magic Fountain]
(Dot runs towards the Magic Fountain and looks around. She sees Ava sitting on the edge of the fountain and walks to her,)
Ava Come on, little Dalmatian!
Dot The royal princess!
Ava I have chosen you to be a special friend for a lonely girl who longs for someone to play with. Ready?
Dot You mean, I will finally have a friend who will take care of me?
Ava You were made for each other and you will both be very happy.
(Ava walks off screen and it focuses on Eva and her henchdogs.)
Eva Oh, my sister, it’s time for a change around here!
Gort You can count on me!
Zull Bah, that’s a laugh!
(Zull and Gort swipe at each other and growl at each other.)
Eva Enough! (Zull and Gort stop.) I’m trying to listen! *she growls and turns back to look at Ava*
Ava *climbs the stairs and stops midway* Now, it is time to walk across the fountain and begin a new life in the Big City.
(Dot walks across the fountain. Ava continues climbing the stairs and onto the dashboard.)
Ava Through the power of the Friendship Heart...
(Dot arrives at the platform. The Friendship Heart starts to disconnect from Ava’s collar and floats.)
Ava ...Let the Friendship Ceremony... Begin!
(The Friendship Heart floats towards Dot. Pets in the crowd start cheering.)
Random puppy Yay!
Random puppy 2 Good luck!
Random puppy 3 Yay! Well done!
Random puppy Have a good time!
(The Friendship Heart floats arrives at the podium. There is bright flashing, then an image of Dot appears in the water.)
[Trans. Big City]
(Dot has arrived in the Big City and makes sounds of amazement. She opens the gate, and sees Caroline throw a pebble and sigh. Dot barks.)
Caroline Hmm? *she sees Dot* Huh? Hello!
(Dot walks closer.)
Caroline And where did you come from?
Dot *she shyly turns her head* Well, it is kind of hard to explain...
(Dot runs over to the Caroline and licks her.)
Caroline *she laughs* You really like me?
Dot Of course! You’re my new friend!
Caroline Well I really like you too. We can be friends! What do you think, would you like that? Huh?
(Dot licks her again.)
[Trans. Pocketville]
(The fountain shows an image of Dot and the Caroline. It fades, and the Friendship Heart returns to Ava’s collar. She comes down from the stairs and the Royal Guards run to meet her.)
William Well done, princess.
Mela What a great choice. They were made for each other!
Balloon As always!
Ava Thank you all. You are such good friends.
Danny *steps forward* How’d you do it?
Ava That’s my little secret.
(Danny looks confused. The pets start leaving and Ava walks over to Eva. Eva growls at Ava.)
Ava I’m so excited. Tomorrow is the special anniversary of Pocketville.
Eva *feigning excitement* Oh, my sweet sister, I can’t wait. Tomorrow will be a special day for both of us.
Ava It will be such a wonderful (Eva: You can count on that...) and memorable day. Out there a child is waiting for us to make their dream come true!
Eva *feigning excitement* How lovely...
(It is night time. A shadow walks past a statue of Ava near in front of the castle. It shows the inside of a basement where Eva is talking to her henchdogs.)
Eva How nauseating, how yuck! Who does she think she is?!
Gort Uh, the princess?
Eva I know that!
Gort *to Zull* She knows that! *to Eva* You know, you should be the one on the throne of the Pocket Kingdom!
Eva And I will be! *she growls* Tomorrow!
(Zull and Gort look at each other.)
Gort Tomorrow? Huh?
Eva Yes. It will be a very special anniversary. We shall finally see the end of my goody-two-shoes sister!
Gort Uh, have you got a plan?
Eva Yes. Tomorrow, during the Friendship Ceremony, you *points at Gort* will distract the Royal Guards, while you *points at Zull* leap into the air and catch Ava’s diamond!
Zull *scared* You mean-you mean I have to steal the princess’s Friendship Heart?!
Eva I thought you dogs were brave.
Gort *taunting Zull* Or, are you a scaredy cat?
Zull I’m not afraid of anything!
Eva Excellent. So keep an eye on the Magic Fountain. As soon as it crystallizes, we leap into action! Finally, I shall become the true princes of the Pocket Kingdom!
[Trans. Big City]
(It is day time at a train station. Kate is sitting on a bench and her parents are standing up.)
Peter First class! We get to travel in luxury, Kate!
(Peter and Maria look at each other. They sit next to Kate on the bench. Kate sighs.)
Maria *she strokes Kate’s back reassuringly* You know I’d love to come with you, sweetheart, but I have to stay in the city a few more weeks until mummy’s work is finished. I promise we’ll all be together soon.
(A whistle sounds.)
Peter Come on Kate, we’d better go!
(Kate hugs her mother, crying. The Friendship Trail emerges from her.)
Maria I’ll miss you dear.
[Trans. Pocketville]
(The Friendship Trail reaches the fountain, and Zull and Gort watch as the Magic Fountain crystallizes and an image of Kate appears.)
Gort See that girl? She needs a puppy.
(Zull and Gort look at each other and giggle.)
Zull That’s our chance to steal the jewel for Eva!
Gort Let’s go tell her the good news!
(They run off.)
[Trans. the Big City]
(It shows Peter and Kate holding hands, standing outside their new house.)
Peter Well, here we are. Home. What do you think? It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?
Kate *nods her head and speaks quietly. Mhm. It’s okay I suppose...
(The gate opens and they walk in.)
Peter Just wait until you see your room. It’s twice as big as your old room.
[Trans. Kate’s bedroom]
(Peter finds a TV remote.)
Peter Top-of-the-line TV too!
(Kate is still sad, sitting on her bed. Peter turns on the TV and gets static.)
Peter This is... uh... You’re better at this gadget stuff than I am. *he sits next to Kate on the bed* I know it’s a big change, but it’ll all be fine. You’ll see!
Kate I miss mom...
Peter I know, me too.
Kate I don’t know anyone here. If only I had a friend, then I wouldn’t feel so lonely.
[Trans. Pocketville]
(Kate’s image is in the fountain.)
[Trans. Ext. Pocketville Castle]
[Trans. Ava’s bedroom]
(Ava has her eyes closed. The Pocketpedia is on the floor and has pages turning. Ava opens her eyes, and the pages stop on Magic.)
Ava He is the chosen one!
[Trans. the Magic Fountain]
Magic It’s been so long! I was beginning to think it would never happen.
William Uh, we get it, but shush the princess is talking!
Ava Come on, Oristolfo!
(Magic walks closer.)
Ava It is a great honor to be the chosen puppy on this most special anniversary!
Magic *he wags his tail* I know! I’m so excited!
Eva Make the most of it, Ava. It’s going to be your last! *to Zull and Gort* Get ready! *she growls*
Ava It is time to start your new adventure!
(Magic climbs up the fountain and walks along the edge. Eva looks up at Ava and growls, and Ava has a huge smile. Ava walks along the dashboard.)
Ava By the power of the Friendship Heart...
(Magic arrives at the platform. The Friendship Heart starts to disconnect from Ava’s collar and floats.)
Ava ...Let the Friendship Ceremony... Begin!
(The Friendship Heart floats towards Magic.)
Eva Now!
(Gort runs up the stairs and barks at the Royal Guards, who do nothing. Zull runs past and up the dashboard.)
Ava *she turns around* Oh no! Zull is trying to steal the Friendship Heart! I have to stop him. Oristolfo, look out! *she leaps across the fountain and Zull follows suit*
William Princess Ava!
Ava *she pushes Magic away* Quickly, go! *she turns around and gasps*
(Zull reaches the Friendship Heart and bites it, accidentally breaking it in half.)
Ava NO! OH NO! *she braces herself*
(Water explodes out of the fountain, and there is lots of bright flashing.)
Eva Yes!
(Pets are covering their eyes from the bright light, gasping and looking scared. The Royal Guards notice Eva with Zull and Gort, where Zull is holding half of the Friendship Heart.)
Eva Come on! Let’s go, hurry! *she runs off with Zull and Gort*
William Royal guards! After them, come on!
(William is about to give chase, but Mela blocks his way.)
Mela Wait!
William *angrily* What are you doing?! You’re letting them get away!
Mela *angrily* We’ll catch them later! We’re needed here right now!
Danny What are you talking about?!
Balloon Mela’s right.
(William, Danny and Mela walk over to the fountain to see that it’s dried up and Balloon is standing in the middle. Pets are murmuring.)
Balloon *she lifts Ava’s collar with only half the Friendship Heart remaining* Princess Ava is gone and the fountain is dry.
(William and Danny look at each other. There is flashing and Kate starts to appear in the fountain surrounded by sparkles.)
Balloon And we seem to have a human guest!
(The sparkles disappear and Kate looks around.)
Kate Where am I?
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