Speaker Dialogue
[Open Pocketville]
(Kate is surrounded by sparkles. She looks around in wonder.)
Kate Where am I?
(Her outfit changes into an orange jumper with yellow rims and yellow paws in the center. The sparkles disappear.)
Kate And what happened to my clothes? *she looks at her arm* What is this place?
Pets are talking quietly. Balloon goes to the other royal guards and puts Ava’s collar down.)
William *to Balloon* Clear the area. Danny, you stay with me. We have to decide what to do with our visitor.
(Mela and Balloon are ushering pets away.)
Balloon Calm down, everybody.
(Magic goes over to Kate and barks.)
Kate *confused* Are you trying to talk to me?
Magic *barking* (Hey there, are you alright?)
William You’re wasting your time, she can’t understand a word we say.
(Mela and Balloon walk over to Danny and William.)
Danny So what shall we do?
Balloon She’ll have to go back.
Magic *walks over to the Royal Guards* No! She can’t go back! She’s my special friend!
Balloon It’s the only way.
Magic Maybe not...
(Magic looks at Ava’s dollar and picks it up. He walks over to Kate.)
William No, stop!
(Magic puts the collar down at Kate’s feet.)
Kate I don’t really understand. What do you want me to do?
(Magic puts the collar in Kate’s hands.)
Kate Is this for me?
(Magic barks.)
Kate Thanks! Do you want me to put it on?
(Magic barks, jumps and whines, wagging his tail. Kate puts it on like a bracelet and looks expectant.)
William You really think simply putting on a collar is gonna make her understand us?
Kate But... You can talk!
Danny Really, some people! Of course we can talk!
Magic Don’t you get it? She’s talking to you! She can understand us!
Kate I can!
(The sky begins to darken.)
Magic We should tell her everything that’s happened here!
(William and Danny look up at the sky. There is thunderclouds and a flash of lightning. It begins to rain.)
William Ugh. Alright, but let’s get somewhere warm and dry first! *he runs away*
[Trans. Ext. Pocketville Castle]
[Trans. Int. Pocketville Castle]
(Kate, Magic and the Royal Guards are inside the castle.)
Kate You’re telling me that this is where puppies come from?
William That’s what the Puppy Kingdom is for! To find puppies a good home.
Kate Wow, that’s amazing!
Balloon Was amazing. *she walks over to Ava’s throne and strokes it*
Mela Yes, now that the fountain is dry and the princess is gone, the Friendship Ceremony is no more.
(Kate gasps.)
Danny Only the princess could do the magic.
Kate *saddened* But if the princess was the only one who could do the magic, how do I get home? I’ll never see my parents again! *she clutches her chest*
Danny We’ll find the princess!
Kate *looks up* How?
Danny Er...
William We don’t know yet, but uh...
Magic Evershell will help us! He’s a wise old turtle, he’ll know what to do! *walks away*
William That’s enough, Oristolfo! *he follows Magic, and speaks quieter* You’ve said too much already.
Magic *quietly* But we can trust her, William!
William Maybe, maybe not. *he walks back to Kate* Oristolfo is very nice but he talks too much. Often without thinking. But, now would you excuse us for a moment please?
Kate *nods* Don’t mind me. *she leaves*
Magic This will only take a minute!
Balloon Since when did you become a Royal Guard?
Magic *irritated* Okay, I’m going! I know when I’m not wanted. *he leaves*
Mela What are we going to do about the girl?
William We have to think carefully. With the princess gone, the fate of the Pocket Kingdom is in our paws.
Danny Kate seems very nice.
Balloon Maybe, but we can’t take any chances.
Mela Remember that the Friendship Trail brought her here. That means she’s pure of heart.
Balloon I’m not sure what to think anymore.
William There’s only one thing we can do.
Danny You’re right. Er, what?
William We’ll see if she can pass the test!
[Trans. Pocketville Castle’s kitchen]
(Kate is sitting on a small chair and Magic is is near a bowl of dog food.)
Magic Try the green ones! They’re my favorites!
(Kate picks up a green piece. She sniffs it and frowns, while Magic chomps down on food in the bowl.)
Magic You should know that stuff now that we’ll be spending so much time together.
Kate So much time?
Magic Yeah! You’re my special friend! Of course! The plan was that I was supposed to come to the Big City to meet you. But with everything that’s happened, *he claps his paws* the most important thing is that we’re together.
Kate But... Well... I’ve never had a puppy before! But come to think of it, I’ve kinda always wanted one!
Magic See? It’s meant to be! *chuckles*
Kate But I don’t know what to do with a puppy...
Magic First job... *thinks* Choose a name!
Kate You already have a name. Oristolfo!
Magic Ugh, that doesn’t count! The special friend always picks the name!
Kate I see, okay... I can’t think of one... I can only think of famous stuff, like names from TV!
Magic Ah, no! Make it a special name! Just for me!
Kate I’m sorry, I’m not thinking clearly. So many magical things that happened-*gasp* Magic! I’ll call you Magic!
Magic *excited* Magic?! Magic?! *he starts running in circles* Magic Magic Magic Magiiiic! YES!
(The doors to the kitchen open and the Royal Guards enter. Magic and Kate see them. Kate stands up and Magic runs to them. The guards walk past him.)
Magic From now on, my name will be Magic! Nice, huh?
William *to Kate* We thought you might like to take a walk around our village!
Kate I’d love to! *she looks down*
Magic What’s the matter?
Kate *she sits down on the table* Well, I’m thinking my dad will be awake by now. He’ll be so worried...
William Maybe not. You see, time goes by differently. Maybe your dad is still asleep.
Magic *walks over to Kate and she pets him* Let’s have a look around!
Kate You’re right, let’s go. It’ll be fun. *she gets up and walks*
Balloon *whispers to Mela* Okay. Let’s get everything prepared for the test.
[Trans. Pocketville Main Square
(Kate, Magic and the Royal Guards are walking in the square, and it is fairly empty. Curious pets look out of their windows to watch them.)
Magic This is the Main Square! The school is over there. And here is the movie theatre! I’ll let you guess which one we like best.
Kate Where is everyone?
Mela They’re all probably busy. You know, doing stuff!
(Mela pops out from behind a bush (despite being next to Kate earlier) and winks. William winks back. They stop outside the Bear Inn.)
William You must be starving. Why not eat here?
Kate *shrugs* Okay. *she goes inside*
William You can tell us what you think about the café.
Danny You don’t think we’ve gone too far?
Mela *clasps her paws together* I hope she doesn’t get frightened!
William Look, we agreed she needed to be tested, let’s see how she does!
Balloon The chef will help us find out.
[Trans. Bear Inn]
(Kate opens the door and walks in.)
Kate Helloo? Anybody here?
(There is a big shadow on the wall.)
Kate *gasps* ...It’s so beautiful! *she walks towards the small bear causing the shadow*
Bear *bashfully* It’s my own design! *he neatly folds a paper towel into a flower* Tada! *he hands it to Kate*
Kate *giggles* Thanks! You’re very kind, it’s lovely!
(William and Balloon walk in.)
William *to Balloon* Test passed, she’s brave, alright!
Balloon Yes, but is she kind and considerate?
[Trans. Some field in Pocketville
Kate It’s so beautiful and peaceful!
(There is the sound of struggling and Kate gasps. It shows a family of beavers struggling to make a water wheel move.)
Mela Oh no!
William They need our help!
(William and Mela rush to help the beavers. They pull on the rope, and Kate notices a piece of the water wheel might break. She gasps and jumps into the water, and looks at the water wheel. She then dives underwater and finds a rock blocking the water wheel. She picks it up, submerges from the water and throws it aside. The beavers cheer and Magic is next to them.)
Magic *proudly* That’s my special friend. Yeah!
Kate *wades towards them* There was a stone blocking the wheel!
William Did you see how quickly she responded?
Danny We couldn’t have done it without Kate.
Balloon Hmm... *she shakes her head* Let me have a moment alone with her.
(Balloon scratches an ordinary pebble. She walks over to Kate who is wringing her orange jumper.)
Balloon We’re glad you arrived when you did.
Kate Oh, it was nothing. I’m just glad I could help!
Balloon Well, it could all work out rather well for you. *she holds out the pebble*
Kate *takes the pebble* What’s this?
Balloon A magic stone. With this, you could rule the whole of the Pocket Kingdom!
Kate Really?
Balloon You’d be the princess. Everyone would worship you!
Kate But you already have a princess. *she holds down the stone* And even if she’s not here right now, you gotta be faithful!
Balloon *looks impressed* Well, that’s true. We do.
[Trans. Pocketville.]
(Kate, Magic and the Royal Guards are walking back to the castle. The sun is setting)
Danny Well, that’s another test passed.
Balloon I agree, but we still need to be cautious.
William We’ll make our decision tomorrow.
Magic *runs up to the guards* Speaking of tomorrow, Kate will need a bed and the princess’s room is free!
Danny The princess’s room?!
Balloon No, it’s a good idea!
Magic It is?
William The perfect solution!
Danny Well, alright...
Magic That’s fantastic! I’ll go and tell her! *Magic runs back*
William Now it will be easier to keep an eye on her.
[Trans. Ext. Pocketville Castle]
[Trans. Ava’s bedroom]
(The door opens, and Kate, Magic and William walk in. Kate looks around.)
William I hope you’ll be comfortable here!
Kate It’s very nice of you to let me sleep here!
William Ava would have done the same.
(William looks back and winks. Mela sneaks in and takes a pink handheld mirror from Ava’s vanity.)
William So, good night! *he leaves*
Kate Good night!
(The door closes.)
Kate *to Magic* Aren’t you leaving too?
Magic Are you kidding? I’m staying with you!
(Kate stretches, yawns and lies down on Ava’s bed. She starts to tear up.)
Magic Are... You crying?
Kate It’s just that I’m afraid.
Magic I won’t let anyone hurt you.
Kate No! Not that kind of afraid. Afraid that I’ll never be able to go home.
Magic But you will. You’ll see.
Kate Not without the princess. You said so yourself.
Magic But we’ll find her!
Kate But what if you don’t?! You won’t get your princess back and I’ll never see my parents again! *she sobs into a pillow*
Magic We’ll find Ava, Katie. Just you wait.
(The royal guards have been watching this happen through the handheld mirror.)
Danny She misses her mum and dad.
Mela We miss the princess!
William I’m glad she’s here so we can see.
Balloon Let’s see... Their sweet heart... is pure.
Danny I keep telling you that!
William We’ll begin the search for the princess tomorrow.
Mela But where should we start?
William We’ll take Kate to meet Evershell and ask for his advice.
[Trans. Ever Grey Swamp]
(A snake slithers past some frogs. Two spiders move on a web. Eva arrives with her henchdogs.)
Eva You’re not tired, surely! *growls*
Zull Well, we have been going on and on all day!
Gort I can’t run anymore!
(A birds swoops past Zull and Gort, scaring them and they run away.)
Eva You’re both useless! Thankfully we have arrived, and we can shelter here *she walks into a hole in a tree*
Gort In the Ever Grey Swamp?!
Eva This shall be base camp!
(Zull and Gort look at each other in surprise. Eva comes out of another hole in the tree and walks on a branch.)
Eva From here I shall take the sceptre from my sister’s paw... *she is wearing half the Friendship Heart*
[Trans. the Big City]
(Ava is revealed to be in the Big City, on a pavement.)
Eva ...Wherever she may be.
Ava Somehow when Zull stole the Friendship Heart, it brought me to the Big City. I have to find a way back to Pocketville!
(Building lights start turning off.)
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