(theme song)

(At the Magic Fountain, Flo appears, covered in sparkles. She is surrounded by concerned pets.)

Flo: Where...where am I? And what happened to my clothes? How do I find myself in this place?

Pet 1: But what happened to the princess?

Pet 2: Oh no!

Pet 3: Wait...what do we do?

(Balloon sets Ava’s collar down on the pavement for the other three Royal Guards to examine.)

William: Get rid of the others. You, Ciro, stay with me. We must think of what to do with the child.

Pet 4: Alright, move along, there’s nothing to see here.

Balloon: Please, friends, let’s all calm down.

Oristolfo: (barks)

Flo: Huh? What? Are you talking to me?

Oristolfo: (barks)

William: Enough, it is useless. It’s obvious that she can’t understand us.

Ciro: So what do we do?

Balloon: But she has to leave!

Oristolfo: No, you can’t do that! She’s my little owner!

Balloon: It is the only solution.

Oristolfo: Hmm...maybe not.

(Oristolfo picks up the collar.)

William: No, stop!

(Oristolfo presents the collar to Flo.)

Flo: I don’t really understand. What do you want me to do?

(Oristolfo tosses the collar onto Flo’s hand.)

Flo: Is this for me?

Oristolfo: (barks)

Flo: (lifts collar) Well, thanks! You want me to put it on?

(Oristolfo barks and leaps in ecstasy, as if he were saying ‘yes’. Flo slips the collar on her left wrist as if it were a bracelet.)

William: Do you think it’s enough for her to wear a collar in order to understand us?

Oristolfo: (looks up) Huh?

Flo: But you speak!

Ciro: Of course! All you need to do is move your mouth!

Oristolfo: Don’t you understand? She’s talking to you! She can understand us!

Flo: I do!

(A thunderclap is heard in the background, and dark clouds appear in the sky.)

Oristolfo: Don’t you see? We must explain everything to her!

(Lightning strikes, along with another thunderclap. Rain then starts to fall.)

William: Huh? Let’s get out of here if we don’t want to get wet!

(In the throne room, Flo, Oristolfo, and the Royal Guards are in a group discussion.)

Flo: You mean to tell me that this is where puppies come from?

William: This is the purpose of the Pocket Kingdom. To find puppies a good home.

Flo: It’s fantastic!

Balloon: It was.

(Balloon walks closer to the five thrones and rubs the centre one with his paw.)

Mela: Yeah. Now that the princess is gone, the Birth Ceremony can no longer be celebrated.

Flo: (gasps) What?

Ciro: Only the princess could do the magic!

Flo: (saddened) But then if the Birth Ceremony cannot be celebrated, this means I can’t go home again. I’ll never see my parents again!

Ciro: We’ll find the princess! You’ll see!

Flo: How?

Ciro: Well, here.

William: We still don’t know, but-

Oristolfo: But Everyshell can help us. He’s a wise, old sage who... (walks away)

William: Oristolfo! (follows Oristolfo) We’ve revealed too many secrets already.

Oristolfo: But I’m sure that we can trust her!

William: That is still to be seen. (turns to Flo) Oristolfo’s nice, but he talks too much and sometimes he doesn’t know what he says. Now please, leave us alone for a while. We need to reflect.

Flo: Okay, as you wish. (walks away)

(Balloon leaps down the stairs next to the other three guards and Oristolfo.)

Oristolfo: Just a couple of minutes.

Balloon: And since when are you a Royal Guard?

Oristolfo: Okay, I’ll leave. But I don’t think it’s very fair. (walks away)

Mela: What are we going to do about the little girl?

William: We must be careful. In the absence of the princess, the fate of Pocket Kingdom is in our paws.

Ciro: Flo seems so nice!

Balloon: Nice or not, we can’t be hasty!

Mela: But we must not forget that if the Friendship Trail has come to the fountain, it means that her heart is pure.

Balloon: And you swear by your paws on that?

William: There is only one thing to do.

Ciro: I agree! What?

William: Let’s put her to the test!

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