"Are you trying to find out my royal secrets?"
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We’re going to visit Evershell. He’s the only one who can help you get home again.


Episode 3 is titled Evershell the Wise (The original title is Il saggio Ogniguscio, which means the same thing). It is the third episode of the first season.

Offical Synopsis

To find the Princess, our young heroes start a journey full of dangers to wise turtle Evershell’s cave. Krakia, a crow that attends upon the evil Eva, follows them. Kate and her friends finally arrive to Evershell to hear from his mouth a strange prophecy: Kate herself will help them to find the missing Princess!


Kate wakes up, and has breakfast with Magic. William interrupts their breakfast, saying they need to visit Evershell, as he’s the only one who can help Kate go back to the Big City. Meanwhile, in the Ever Grey Swamp, Zull and Gort have been building a shelter, but were hungry, and Eva wouldn’t let them eat. She only let them eat to get their strength back. However, there is an unexpected thief also eating from the food, revealed to be Krakia. Eva strikes a deal with Krakia to spy on her enemies so that they share their food with Krakia.

Kate and the Royal Guards leave the castle through a secret exit, and enter a cave with Krakia following them. They jump across the rocks in the river, and reach outside the cave where there is a canyon. Being brave, Kate manages to cross the bridge over the canyon with Magic. They finally enter another cave and find it being guarded by a black panther and cheetah, but they are revealed to be friends of the Royal Guards.

Finally they find Evershell, and William asks for help on everything that happened during the anniversary. Evershell replies with a mysterious riddle: “When streams or fountains may run dry, be alert, and keen of eye. For a Magic Drop shining bright, can make a wrong into a right. I do not have all the answers, but I do have one clue. To find out who was there and now is gone, rely on who was not here, for she is the one.”






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  • This this the first episode where Krakia and Evershell appear.
  • This is the only episode Princess Ava does not make an appearance in.
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