[theme song]

[The episode begins in the Big City, where Peter, Kate, and Magic are seated at a restaurant patio.]

Peter: I’ll have the spaghetti.

Kate: Hmm...okay, I’ll have the spaghetti too, and can I please have the same for my puppy?

Waiter: Got it. Three spaghetti. It’ll be ten minutes.

Peter: I’ll go wash my hands before lunch gets here.

[Peter leaves the table.]

Magic: [barks]

Kate: Wait a second... [removes Magic’s collar and places it on her wrist] What is it?

Magic: That girl is hungrier than I am!

[Both Kate and Magic look over to Molly, who is eating ice cream]

Molly’s father: Go easy with the desserts, Molly-love.

Molly: I didn’t order anything else!

Molly’s mother: That’s the point. You need more variety; a healthier diet.

Molly’s father: You’ll get a stomach ache eating like that!

Molly’s mother: Your father is right, sweetheart. We worry about you.

Molly: I know, but I can’t help it if I only like sweet things like cakes and ice cream!

[A Friendship Trail flies out of Molly’s heart and into the half of the Friendship Heart.]

Kate: Ooh.

[A picture of Molly’s face is shown in the jewel.]

Magic: Did you see that?

Kate: That girl really needs a pet. We have to get to Pocketville.

Magic: Uh...uh oh.

Kate: Leave it to me.

[Kate places the collar back on Magic. Peter returns to the table where Kate and Magic are seated, while the waiter brings over the tray of spaghetti.]

Waiter: Spaghetti for three.

Peter: Thanks!

Waiter: Bon appetit!

Peter: I’m starving.

Kate: Dad, could we have them put this in a doggy bag?

Peter: Well...okay.

Kate: Then we could rent a film or watch T.V.!

Peter: Well...if that’s what you want.

[Kate, her father, and Magic return to their house. In her room, Kate places Magic’s collar back on her wrist.]

Kate: Ready to go?

Magic: Can we at least finish our spaghetti? I’m really starving, and you’ve hardly eaten a thing!

Kate: We’ll eat later. I’m worried about Molly. We need to find her a pet, quickly!

Magic: You’re just like Princess Ava. Nothing matters more to her than seeing friends together.

Kate: [chuckles] We’ll find Ava soon. Come on now. We have to go.

[Kate and Magic place their hands and paws on each other.]

Kate: My puppy and I, together forever. That’s all I want.

Magic: Katie and I, together forever. That’s all I want.

[In the Ever Grey Swamp, Eva is harvesting vegetables and placing them in a basket. Zull and Gort walk over to her.]

Zull: Eva! Eva! [pants]

Eva: What is it? Can’t you see I’m gathering weeds for my potion?

Zull: To get the Friendship Heart back?

Gort: Well...the other half. You already have half.

Eva: I don’t need reminding!

Zull: Well, it‘s just that I-

[Zull is interrupted by Krakia, who flies over in front of him and Gort. Krakia is wearing half of the Friendship Heart.]

Krakia: Look! There’s something you have to see!

Eva: [groans] How dare you wear my jewel!

[Eva pounces on Krakia.]

Krakia: [shrieks] I was only bringing it to you. Here! Here!

[Krakia lends the Friendship Heart to Eva.]

Eva: Well don’t do it again!

[Eva looks at a picture of Goldie in the jewel.]

Eva: I know this hamster! She’s a chef! Oh, I have a plan cooking that really could finally take care of Kate and her flea-infested puppy!

Zull: Uh, what sort of plan?

Eva: Start slicing this lot!

[At Pocketville Castle, the trail teleports Kate and Magic next to the Magic Fountain.]

Kate: Okay, let’s tell the Royal Guards we’re here.

[Kate and Magic are in the Princess Suite with the Royal Guards.]

Kate: Nothing’s happening!

Magic: The Pocketpedia has been strange lately.

William: Princess Ava is the only one who can make it work properly.

Danny: Oh, I really miss her!

Kate: I’m so sorry we haven’t been able to find her yet.

Mela: Oh, Danny isn’t blaming you, Kate.

Balloon: He’s just talking without thinking first.

Danny: Uh...I was only saying.

Kate: [giggles]

William: We know you’re both doing all you can to find our princess.

Balloon: And you’re both doing a wonderful job here, helping children to find the right pets.

Magic: Yeah, and Katie didn’t eat anything today, just to help us here.

Danny: You didn’t eat? I have to eat eight times a day! Two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners!

Balloon: That’s six meals, Danny.

Dаnny: Don’t forget me two snacks!

Magic: And you say I eat a lot.

Kate: Actually, I am a little hungry.

[The Pocketpedia activates.]

Magic: Hey, look at the Pocketpedia!

Kate: Maybe now we’ll have our answer!

[The Pocketpedia flips to a page with the Bear Inn on it.]

Magic: That’s the Bear Inn!

William: Huh? What does it mean?

Kate: Maybe the book is trying to tell us to go to the inn to solve the mystery.

Danny: [chuckles] We could always eat as well!

[Kate, Magic, and the Royal Guards visit the Bear Inn.]

Bear: Welcome to my inn! What can I get you? Today we have Pocketville lasagna, pizza and salad...

Danny: Uh, two of everything!

Magic: For me too!

William: Danny, Magic, you know we’re not here to eat.

Bear: Oh, really? Then how can I help?

Kate: We’re looking for a special friend for a hungry little girl and the Pocketpedia sent us here! Uh, mmm! What’s that smell?

Danny: Oh, that heavenly...

Magic: Chocolate! Definitely layers of chocolate!

Bear: Well, this time your nose is wrong! Goldie, come on out!

[Goldie, a ginger-and-white hamster, climbs out of the kitchen window.]

Goldie: Can I help?

Bear: Goldie is my fabulous chef.

Kate: So, what is that lovely smell?

Goldie: That mix of fruit and vegetables!

Magic: Huh?

Danny: Really?

Goldie: I’m sorry?

Magic: It’s just that it smells so good! We thought it was a chocolatey dessert!

Goldie: I assure you that fruits and vegetables can be just as tasty as cakes and ice cream!

[Kate experiences the flashback when she looked at Molly.]

Molly: I know, but I can’t help it if I only like sweet things like cakes and ice cream!


Kate: You’re just the friend we’re looking for!

Goldie: Who, me?

Kate: Yes! We know a girl called Molly who only likes to eat sweets. You’re just the one to show her that healthy foods can be just as delicious!

Goldie: Yippee! That sounds wonderful! Can I go?

Bear: Of course, of course!

Danny: You’re not going to close the inn?

Bear: Don’t worry, I’ll find someone else! And I can cook pretty well myself, you know?

Kate: Then we’re agreed!

Goldie: Thank you! I’ll shall cook my special soup for everyone in Pocketville to celebrate my good luck!

Magic: Hurray! [laughs]

Danny: Finally! We eat! Yeahay!

Balloon: I hate to ruin the moment, but we still need a Magic Drop to help Goldie in the Friendship Ceremony.

Magic and Danny: Huh? Right now?

[William nods.]

Mela: If we hurry up, we can be back in time for lunch!

Kate: Mmhm! Let’s get started!

[In the kitchen, Goldie hums as she prepares the soup. She puts vegetables in the mix.]

Goldie: Perfect! I’ll have it to boil. I’ll prepare the tables while I’m waiting!

[As soon as Goldie leaves, Eva and her gang sneak in from the window. Krakia perches on the windowsill.]

Krakia: [squawks] All clear.

Zull: Come on.

[Gort is pushed up the window by Zull. He is carrying the basket of herbs that cause anyone who consumes them to fall asleep.]

Gort: [grunts] You weigh a ton!

Zull: [grunts]

[Eva meows as she pounces through the window. Zull climbs through the window afterwards.]

Eva: Quick! The basket!

[Gort lends the basket to Eva. Eva climbs on top of the pot of soup and dumps the herbs in.]

Eva: With my ingredients from the Ever Grey Swamp, Goldie’s soup will be unforgettable!

[At the Bear Inn patio, Kate, Magic, and the Royal Guards are seated at a table, each with a bowl of Goldie’s soup. Goldie is perched on Kate’s shoulder.]

Mela: Thank goodness we found the Magic Drop!

Balloon: Yes, I don’t think we could’ve made Danny miss his lunch!

Kate: Before we begin, a special thank you to Goldie, who has prepared this wonderful soup, and we should all wish her a happy future in the Big City with her friend.

Goldie: Well, thank you all for coming to say goodbye! So, bon appetit!

Magic: Hurray! Let’s eat!

[Everyone at the table eats up their soup.]

Magic: Ah, the best soup I’ve ever had!

Kate: Goldie is a superb chef. I’m sure she’ll help Goldie eat fewer sweets.

[Everyone starts to get sleepy.]

Magic: [yawns] Let’s take a little nap.

[Everyone falls asleep. Eva and her gang walk over.]

Zull: They’re all asleep!

Eva: Of course! My herbs have worked! My plan is working!

Krakia: Now nothing can stop you from getting the bracelet!

[Eva walks over to Kate, who is asleep.]

Eva: At last, I finally have the two halves of the Friendship Heart! The throne and everything in Pocketville will be mine!

[Goldie swoops over to get the collar. Eva shrieks in surprise.]

Goldie: Haha!

Zull: [growls]

Gort: Where’d she come from?

Zull: She’s not sleeping like the others!

Goldie: That’s because great chefs never eat their own meals, you fools!

Krakia: You didn’t eat the soup?

Goldie: No! I tasted it, just before you added your sleepy herbs!

Gort: [growls]

Eva: Zull, Gort, get her!

[Zull and Gort run over to catch Goldie, who hides in a hole in a well, holding the collar.]

Goldie: You’ll never get me while I’m in here!

Eva: You can’t stay in there forever!

Goldie: Not forever! Only ‘til my friends wake up!

Eva: Ah, she’s right! They’ll soon be awake! Come on, you fools, get her out of there!

Zull and Gort: Yes, Eva!

[Zull and Gort struggle to get Goldie out of the hole.]

Gort: [grunts]

Zull: We can’t get to her!

Eva: This is intolerable! I’m so close to the jewel! [looks at the six protagonists to see that they’re waking up] Huh?

William: [yawns]

Balloon: [yawns]

Mela: [yawns]

Krakia: The Royal Guards are waking up! We have to get out of here!

Eva: Ah, we have no choice, but I will be back, and I will get the other half of the Friendship Heart!

[Eva and her gang run off. Kate stretches her arms as she wakes up.]

Kate: What happened?

[Goldie presents Kate with the collar.]

Kate: Huh? The bracelet?

Goldie: Don’t worry! Everything is fine now!

[At the Magic Fountain, Goldie’s Friendship Ceremony is being planned. Kate places the Magic Drop in the fountain. Molly’s face is seen in the fountain’s waters. Goldie walks over the railings to get to the pedestal. Kate steps on the unfurling springboard.]

Kate: Let the Friendship Ceremony begin!

[The half of the Friendship Heart levitates over to the pedestal.]

Kate: Let the spirit of the Friendship Heart light the way to the Magic Fountain!

[Multiple pets are cheering as the Friendship Heart is placed on the pedestal, causing Goldie to levitate and teleport. Goldie’s face is seen in the fountain’s waters. Goldie is teleported at a market, where Molly is seen leaving with an ice cream in both hands.]

Molly: Hey! What are you doing here?

[Goldie makes a ‘follow me’ gesture and skitters over to the crates of fruit.]

Molly: You want me to follow you?

[Molly follows Goldie, who jumps atop the crate of apples and takes a bite out of one.]

Shopkeeper: Hey! My apples!

Molly: I’ll pay, don’t worry! I’ll have one too, just like the hamster is eating!

Shopkeeper: Sure! [lends Molly an apple] There you go!

[Molly takes a bite of the apple she was lended to.]

Molly: Mmm, it’s delicious! I never would’ve thought a fruit could taste better than a cake!

[Molly chuckles as Goldie nuzzles up to her. Back in Pocketville, a picture of both Molly and Goldie is seen in the fountain.]

Magic: Well done, Goldie!

[The half of the Friendship Heart is returned to Kate and she steps off the springboard. A picture of part of Ava’s face is seen in the dried up fountain.]

William: Another successful Friendship Ceremony!

Magic: Job done!

Kate: Well, half of it.

Danny: What do you mean?

Kate: We need to go back to the city and continue looking for the princess.

[Back in the Big City, Ava is seen in the park in a sickened state.]

Ava: Ohh, where am I? I feel dizzy...I have to eat to get my strength back. [she eyes a mushroom under a tree] These look a bit stale but they’re better than nothing.

[When Ava is about to take a bite out of the mushroom, she is stopped by Wallace.]

Wallace: Stop!

Ava: [shrieks and jumps over]

Wallace: They’ll make you sick! Are you sure you’re okay on your own?

Ava: [pants] I’m fine... [passes out]

Wallace: [is startled]

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