Speaker Dialogue
[Open Pocketville]
(The sun rises and a flock of birds fly past.)
[Trans. Ext. Pocketville Castle]
[Trans. Ava’s bedroom]
(Kate is sleeping peacefully. She wakes up and gasps, and that causes Magic to gasp as well.)
Magic Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you!
Kate It’s okay.
Magic I was just checking to see if you were awake, I’ve got a surprise for you.
Kate A surprise?
Magic Yeah. Follow me!
(Magic jumps down and Kate looks at him. There is a table with a basket of fruit an plate of dog treats. Kate comes.)
Kate *gasps* Wow! What a great breakfast!
Magic It’s for you!
Kate Thanks, I’m starving! *she pets Magic*
(Kate sniffs a dog treat and puts it down. She then lifts a bowl to drink from it, but it spills from the side. Magic is drooling.)
Kate Maybe I’ll stick to the fruit. *she notices Magic drooling* Hey, I don’t want to eat by myself! You have something too!
Magic Well... Only if you’re sure, although I’m not really all that hungry. At that moment. *he sees a bowl of grapes, licks his lips and proceeds to wolf down*
Kate *laughs* You said you weren’t hungry!
(The doors open and the Royal Guards walk in.)
Kate *stands up* Well, hello everyone!
William Forgive us for interrupting breakfast, but we must leave immediately!
Kate Where are we going?
William We’re going to visit Evershell. He’s the only one who can help you get home again.
Magic So Katie passed her test? *to Kate* But can we finish eating first?
Danny *cheerfully* Well, if it was up to me—
William I’m afraid not. There is no time to lose. The sooner we get to Evershell, the better.
(Everyone leaves the room. Magic returns briefly to grab a snack, then runs back out.)
[Trans. Ever Grey Swamp]
(A flock of vultures fly past.)
Eva If those Royal Guards think they’ve seen the last of me, they are very much mistaken. When the time is right, I shall show them who is the rightful princess of the kingdom!
(There is fruit at her feet. Zull and Gort try to steal some.)
Eva I’m watching you! (Zull and Gort are startled) Have you finished building the shelter yet?
Zull Nearly—
Eva Did I tell you to take a break?!
Gort We’ve been working like dogs! We need something to keep our strength up!
Eva You’re like weak kittens. Okay, eat! Hurry!
(Zull and Gort smile and eat quickly and messily. The food starts to go missing, and Zull gets confused. He assumes Gort ate all of it.)
Zull *shoves Gort* Hey, those were mine! *growling*
Gort *growling* I didn’t eat your grapes!
Zull Really? They just walked off by themselves? *continues growling*
(A grape drops on Zull’s head. He looks up and sees Krakia eating his grapes on a tree branch.)
Zull Give us our food back!
Krakia As you wish. *she eats the rest of the grapes and spits the seeds at Zull and Gort, and laughs*
(Gort jumps onto Zull then jumps at Krakia, he swipes but misses. Krakia hops to the side.)
Krakia Ha! Is that the best you can do? *she turns around* Ahh!
(Eva is growling on the branch behind her. She pounces on Krakia, pinning her to the branch and Krakia screams.)
Zull and Gort *laugh* Nobody gets the better of Eva!
Eva I’ll let you fall, those two will want to have a little talk with you.
Krakia But you haven’t let me fall, so I’m guessing you need me for something, right?
Eva Pretty smart, for a crow. *she gets off and steps back, then sits* I do indeed have a proposal for you!
Krakia What kind of proposal?
Eva We will share our food with you. And when I conquer the Pocket Kingdom, you will be at my side and be rich beyond your dreams.
Krakia So what do I have to do?
Eva You can use your wings and your eyes to spy on my enemies. What do you say?
Krakia Count me in! *she flies down to the food and eats it*
(Zull and Gort start growling at Krakia.)
Eva If you two so much as ruffle a single feather...! (Zull and Gort stop)
[Trans. Ext. Pocketville Castle
[Trans. Int. Pocketville Castle
(Kate, Magic are being lead the Royal Guards are walking in a hallway lit by torches.)
Magic I thought Evershell’s cave was hidden deep in the woods. You know, outside?
Balloon Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.
Mela You’ll see!
Kate I don’t understand.
(The hallway stops at a dead end.)
William Well, there’s a secret shortcut.
Magic Shortcut? But where is it?
Danny You’re standing on it.
(Magic looks down and notices his front paw over a trapdoor, then steps off. William comes and opens the trapdoor, and Kate and Magic look inside.)
Magic Someone tell me we don’t have to go down.
William It’ll be fine, just take deep breaths.
Mela Don’t be afraid!
Kate I’m not afraid, I trust you. *she takes a deep breath and jumps in* Woah!
Danny *to Magic* Are you scared?
Magic Me? Nah. I would follow Katie anywhere! Bye! *he jumps through the trapdoor*
(Kate and Magic are sliding down an underground slope, standing on a board. The guards follow not long after.)
Kate This is great, isn’t it Magic!
Magic *terrified* It is?! Are you sure?! Tell me when it’s over!
(Mela and Balloon are sliding behind them, and Balloon has an odd expression on her face, while Mela looks determined. It shows Danny and William sliding, and Danny does a backflip while sliding. The slope leads to a ramp that leads out of a hole. Two squirrels were playing with a nut outside the hole, but get scared off when Kate flies out the hole. Magic flies out and lands in an awkward position.)
Kate *laughs* Fun, huh?
(Mela and Balloon fly out of the hole next. Then Danny comes out, performing three somersaults before landing. Kate claps and laughs. William appears out of nowhere.)
William Come on, we’re not here to play games.
[Trans. a forest.]
(Kate, Magic and the Royal Guards are walking.)
Kate This is like paradise...
(Krakia is watching from above in a tree.)
Krakia A human girl... In Pocketville! Incredible!
Kate Is this Evershell really so wise?
Mela The wisest in the kingdom!
William Here we are. Okay everyone, into position!
(Mela and Balloon pull the branches down on two nearby trees. A cave opens up like an automatic door.)
Kate Incredible...
William Come on, let’s go!
(Kate, Magic, William and Danny enter. Balloon and Mela quickly let go of the branches and run inside before the doors close. Krakia swoops in before the doors close, without anyone noticing. Everything is dark when the doors close.)
Kate I can’t see anything!
(The Royal Guards scratch on branches, setting off sparks. While Mela and Balloon are still scratching, Danny and William already have their torches lit.)
Kate Great idea!
(Magic runs over and tries to light a torch of his own, scratching a branch. He has trouble doing it.)
William Come on, we’re wasting time. Follow me.
Danny *to Magic, muffled with a torch in his mouth* Alright Magic, we’ve got to go. *he puts his paw over Magic’s, stopping him* Magic!
Magic Aww, I nearly did it!
(Kate, Magic and the Royal Guards walk further into the cave. Krakia’s eyes glow green for some unexplained reason. They pass by running water in the cave.)
Kate I’ve never seen anything like this before! *chuckles* Wow!
Magic Careful! *he bites Kate’s dress,saving her from falling into the river*
Kate *gasps* Phew, that was close, thank you!
Magic It’s what friends are for!
Mela The water here is very deep!
William *puts his torch down and puts his paw in the water* And the current’s very strong.
Kate Then how do we get across?
Danny Don’t ask me.
Balloon Maybe those rocks.
(Balloon crosses the river by jumping on rocks, followed by Mela and Danny.)
William *to Magic* Your turn.
Kate Go on, you can do it. I know you can!
Magic See you on the other side then. *he jumps across the rocks and reaches the other end* I made it!
(Kate steps on the first rock and starts to lose balance. Everyone gasps.)
Kate It’s okay! I’m alright! *she skips across the other stones with no problem*
Magic You were great! *he licks Kate*
William Good job, you did well there! *he jumps across the stones and reaches them*
Magic Wasn’t Katie terrific? And she only has two legs!
William It’s been easy so far.
Balloon Worse lies ahead.
Magic *nervous* Worse? What do you mean worse?
[Trans. a canyon]
(Everyone is looking down the canyon.)
Balloon I told you...
Kate We’ll never get to the other side...
Danny We need some wings!
Magic I don’t think I’m gonna like this...
Mela *looks in another direction and spots a bridge overhanging the canyon* Over there!
(Everyone is at the bridge.)
William Remember the secret is to not look down.
(The Royal Guards cross the bridge.)
Kate Magic, are you scared?
Magic Me, scared? Are you kidding? I’m petrified.
Kate *crouches down* Well jump up and hold on tight.
Magic You’re gonna carry me?
Kate It’s what friends are for!*she carries Magic and looks down the bridge, getting scared*
William Don’t look down!
Kate *runs across the bridge holding Magic, and reaches the other side* Thanks for the advice.
Magic *with his eyes closed* Can I open my eyes now? *he opens them and laughs*
(Krakia swoops past as Kate and the Royal Guards laugh.)
[Trans. another forest with a cave]
(They enter the cave and it has large statues of animals.)
Kate This rock looks like a tiger! Look, and this one looks like an elephant!
(There is a growling black panther and cheetah. Magic notices them.)
Magic Hey, Katie? These look almost real!
(They lunge forward to attack.)
Magic WOAH! They are real! *runs off*
(William blocks the panther and cheetah.)
William It’s okay! They’re with us. They’re friends.
Panther *relaxes* Ah, William, it’s you.
Cheetah We didn’t recognize you!
Kate Are you alright Magic?
William These two protect Evershell. They’re friends, okay?
Kate *strokes Magic* There’s nothing to worry about, Magic.
Panther We didn’t mean to frighten you. The Royal Guards are always welcome at Evershell’s. Come along, friends.
(They walk to Evershell. He is on a red mat in the center of the cave, and his eyes are closed and he’s smiling.)
Kate I didn’t expect Evershell to be so old.
Magic No one really knows how old he is. But you know turtles. They’re born with wrinkles.
(Evershell lifts his foot and puts it back down again.)
William Wise Evershell, I’m sure you already know what has happened in Pocket Kindom since the anniversary.
(Evershell nods.)
William We need your help, we have no idea where Princess Ava is. *he closes his eyes and shakes his head* The Friendship Heart is broken, *he opens his eyes* the Magic Fountain has gone dry and this girl- this human has to get back home. Evershell, I have no idea where to start, we need your help!
Evershell *still has eyes closed* Is that her, the girl?
William Yes it is.
Evershell Step closer, little one.
Balloon Go.
(Kate steps closer and Krakia watches.)
Kate *whispers*Is he sleeping?
William No, he’s thinking.
Evershell When streams or fountains may run dry, be alert, and keen of eye. For a Magic Drop (Everyone gasps and Krakia says “What’s it mean?”) shining bright, can make a wrong into a right. I do not have all the answers, but I do have one clue. To find out who was there and now is gone, *opens his eyes* rely on who was not here (Everyone gasps again), for she is the one.
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