(A frog, salamander, and snake are seen in the swamp.)

Zull: I don’t think that crow is ever coming back.

(Zull and Gort are seen face-to-face with Eva.)

Gort: I told you we couldn’t trust her.

Eva: She’ll be back. Krakia is way too smart to double-cross me.

(Eva’s gang is startled by the voice of Krakia.)

Krakia: Thanks for the vote of confidence. (She is seen perched on a tree branch.)

Eva: (looks at Krakia) Do you have anything to report from Pocketville?

Krakia: Your sister Ava has vanished. No one has any idea where she is. They went to see Evershell for advice.

Eva: That wrinkly old gossip. He’s always interfering.

Krakia: Well, this will surprise you. They had a girl with them!

Eva: Impossible! A human girl? In the Pocket Kingdom?!

Krakia: I saw her with my own eyes. And she wore the other half of the Friendship Heart on her wrist.

Eva: Incredible! What was the girl doing with the Royal Guards?

Krakia: They’re trying to help the child get back home.

Eva: I have to get my paws on the other half of the Friendship Heart before the girl gets away. Zull, Gort, go to Pocketville and get me that jewel! Do not fail me.

Gort: Uh, a small thing.

Zull: They’ll arrest us if we go to Pocketville!

Eva: Yes, of course. Let me think...hmm...Ah! (points at a mud puddle) Jump into that mud!

Zull and Gort: (make scared expressions at the puddle) But...why?

Eva: I have a brilliant idea!

(At the throne room of the Pocketville Castle, Kate, Magic, and the Royal Guards are discussing

Balloon: Evershell said, “When streams or fountains may run dry, be alert and keen of eye.”

Mela: He also said, “For a tiny drop shining bright can make a wrong into a right.” It really is very mysterious.

Danny: What is it with Wise Man? Why can’t he speak properly?

Mela: The whole idea is to make the listener use their brain.

Danny: My brain’s all used up!

William: Evershell made one thing clear. He said that Kate is the key to finding the princess.

Kate: But I don’t have any idea where the princess could be!

Magic: I bet you can work it out though. You're real clever.

Kate: All I know is that when the Friendship Heart was broken, I was somehow catapulted here.

Balloon: We worked that one out already.

Magic: Hey! Shh!

Kate: But, if I ended up here, then could it be that the princess has taken my place in the Big City?

William: Hmm...could make sense.

Magic: There you go. Didn't I tell you she was clever?

(An ideas pops in Kate's mind and she heads for the window. to find a magic drop)

Kate: For a magic drop shining bright can make a wrong into a right...

(A flashback of the Magic Fountain exploding occurs.)

Kate: (looks back at Magic and the Guards) Wait...I think I know! I understand what Evershell meant!

Magic: You do?

(Kate walks off and Balloon approaches Magic.)

Balloon: She's not just a pretty face!

(In the outskirts of Pocketville, Zull and Gort are seen walking through, while being covered in mud.)

Gort: I'm supposed to look like a Dalmatian.

Zull: You look like an idiot covered in mud!

Gort: (grunts) I look better than you!

Zull: We're doomed! The Royal Guards will recognize us immediately! We look like fools!

(Both Zull and Gort are startled by Krakia's laughter. Krakia is seen atop a building.)

Krakia: Well, I'm sure you're used to that! *chuckles*

Gort: Let's go.

(Gort and Zull walk off into the square and meet a Border Terrier dog.)

Border Terrier: Hey! Aren't you two-

Gort: Two Dalmatians.

Border Terrier: Two Dalmatians. Of course! Silly me!

(The Terrier runs off. Krakia flies over to Zull and Gort.)

Krakia: Hey! If you two want to survive, I'd stick to the backroads!

Zull: Heh. She thinks she knows it all. I think we should stick to the backroads. Like we decided ages ago.

(At the Magic Fountain, Kate, Magic, and the Royal Guards are seen walking toward the Magic Drop.)

Kate: (sighs) When Evershell talked about a magic drop shining bright, I think he means the water from the Magic Fountain. It was liquid, but when I arrived, it was crystallized and exploded into magic drops.

William: You could be right there, Kate!

(Kate tries to pick up the two Magic Drops, but a gust of wind blows them away. Kate and Danny gasp.)

Danny: The wind!

Balloon: The drops are flying away!

(Magic jumps into the air to catch the drops.)

Kate: That is magic!

(Magic gives Kate the drops. The Friendship Song is faintly heard.)

Mela: That sounds like the Friendship Song!

Danny: It’s like the wind is singing it!

Balloon: What should we do?

William: What do you think, Kate?

(Kate walks over to the Magic Fountain and places the Magic Drops in the fountain. The drops dissolve into water and fill up the fountain.)

Balloon: Look, the fountain is filling with water!

Danny: It must’ve been the Magic Drop!

Mela: Kate, to get home, you’ll need to hurry.

Magic: She’s right! C’mon!

William: The fountain only works for one puppy or human at a time.

Magic: But she’s my friend! We can’t split up! We only just met!

Mela: I’m sorry, Magic.

(Magic turns to Kate, who is in tears.)

Magic: We’re friends. We should be together, always.

Kate: I know, Magic, I know. But I have to go home. My life is there with my parents! But I hate to leave you!

(Magic starts to tear up.)

Magic: I understand.

(Kate and Magic hug each other.)

Mela: Kate, you’ll have to hurry. My sixth sense tells me the water won’t last long!

Balloon: You’re right. I have the same strange feeling.

Kate: I know. I will never forget you-

(Zull suddenly jumps in and snatches the collar, knocking both Kate and Magic over.)

Balloon: No!

Mela: Aah!

William: (Points at Zull) Get him!

Kate: (thinks: Without the Friendship Heart, I can’t understand what any of them are saying!)

(Zull and Gort run away from the castle. The Royal Guards chase them off.)

Balloon: Return the Friendship Heart, Zull!

Zull: (muffled) Think again, loser! (passes the collar to Gort) There’s no stopping us now!

William: Come on, we can’t lose the princess’s collar!

Kate: (thinks: The water level’s dropping! I need to hurry! Maybe there’s still time to get back home! But I can’t leave Magic or the guards! They need me!) (She walks over to Magic) Come on, Magic, what are we waiting for? The guards need our help!

Magic: (barks)

(Kate and Magic follow the guards over to the town as the water in the fountain disappears.)

Claudia: Stay in a neat line, now!

(Zull and Gort run near Claudia and her students.)

Claudia: (looks at Zull and Gort) Aah! Look out!

Random pets: Aah!

(Many pets move out of the way. Zull, Gort, and the Royal Guards run towards the outskirts of the town.)

William: (pants) Come on! We’re getting... (pants) ...closer!

Balloon: Stop them! Stop, thieves!

(William is now near Zull.)

Zull: (to Gort) Now!

(Gort tosses the collar over to Krakia.)

Krakia: I got it! (flies off) Bye-bye!

Danny: No! The princess’s collar! The Friendship Heart!

Magic: They got away! We’re done for!

William: No, there’s still hope. (howls)

(The Winged Guards fly over.)

William: A flying guard!

Winged Guard Leader: Royal Guard! You signaled an emergency?

William: Follow that crow! She has Princess Ava’s collar!

Winged Guard Leader: Leave it to us, sir! (turns to the other Winged Guards) You heard him, boys! The entire kingdom and all of its citizens are relying on us. For the honour of the Pocket Kingdom! Chocks away and tally ho!

Danny: At last!

(The Winged Guards follow Krakia over to the forest. Krakia looks back at the guards.)

Krakia: (muffled) Let’s see how you’ll go for (unintelligible)!

(Krakia flies under an overhanging tree branch. A Winged Guards hits said branch. Krakia flies between two branches. Another Winged Guard is knocked over by one of the branches. Krakia flies between another two branches, and another Winged Guard hits the tree. However, one Winged Guard is agile enough to fly between the trees’ branches and get to Krakia. Krakia makes a tired expression as she sees the guard following her. She then drops the collar, and the Winged Guard successfully catches it and returns it to Kate at the throne room.)

William: Thank you, from all of us.

Winged Guard Leader: Just doing our duty, old boy!

William: You should present it to her.

(The leader of the Winged Guards gives the collar to Kate.)

Kate: Ah! For me? Thank you!

(The Winged Guard places the collar in Kate’s hand.)

Winged Guard Leader: Ma’am. Always at your service!

(The Winged Guards fly out the castle window.)

Danny: Does he have to talk so loudly?

Kate: But it’s yours! You must have it!

Balloon: No, we’ve talked it through and there’s no doubt. You are pure of heart and have earned our trust.

Mela: And with the Friendship Heart, you both can return to earth without the help of the Magic Fountain!

Magic: Really? You’re sure?

Mela: Tell them, William!

William: Legend has it that the Friendship Heart can make one wish come true, as long as it’s shared by true friends!

Magic: Wait a minute. But how will you help other puppies find their special friend?

Kate: We’ll do it. Whenever you need us, we’ll come back and bring the jewel, so it can do its special work!

William: Good! That’s all we wanted to hear! Good luck!

Balloon: Be careful though. That wicked Eva will try and steal the heart for herself!

Kate: We’ll be ready. And I promise we’ll do all we can to find Princess Ava.

Danny: You think you can?

Kate: I hope so, I’m sure she’s somewhere in the Big City!

William: Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go!

Kate: What do we have to do?

Magic: Yeah, what?

Mela: All you’ll have to do is speak your wish. If you are true, the Friendship Heart will do the rest!

(Kate touches the jewel and it starts glowing.)

Kate: Come on, Magic! Are you ready?

Magic: As ready as I’ll ever be!

Kate: My puppy and I, together forever! That’s all I want!

Magic: Katie and I, together forever! That’s all I want!

(Kate and Magic teleport away.)

Danny: It worked!

Balloon: Of course it did. Didn’t I say it would?

(In the Big City, Kate and Magic teleport at their house.)

Magic: We’ve arrived!

Kate: That’s my house! I mean...our house!

(Kate’s dad is seen at the house.)

Kate: Look, there’s Dad! Don’t forget, that when you want to talk to me, we have to swap the bracelet. Oh, and remember, you have to behave like a real dog in front of everyone, okay? (Kate runs off.) Come on, I’ll race you! (Kate runs over to her father) Daddy! Daddy!

(Kate hugs her father.)

Peter: Where have you been?

Kate: Sorry, Daddy. I went for a walk and I got a bit lost.

Peter: (Points art Magic) And who’s this?

Kate: He helped me find my way home. Do you think we could-

Peter: No, honey. We can’t keep him. I have my job and you have school. Dogs are a real commitment, Kate, and...well, maybe when you’re older.

(Magic barks and runs over to Peter.)

Peter: Hey!

Kate: You see? He’s adorable, can we keep him?

Peter: He’s friendly, alright. But we can’t keep him! I wish we could, but...

(Kate and Magic are seen in their room.)

Kate: I’m so happy we’re together. I don’t feel lonely anymore!

Magic: (barks)

Kate: You’ll love it here.

Magic: (pants)

Kate: Oh, sorry. You’re trying to tell me something.

(Kate places the collar around her wrist.)

Kate: Go on, Magic. I can understand you now.

(Magic scampers over to the window.)

Magic: When can we go outside? I can’t wait to explore the Big City!

Kate: Soon. We need to start looking for Princess Ava. But later: the Big City could be very scary.

(Near a street in the city, Ava is befuddled by its appearance.)

Ava: (thinks: All these streets look the same.) (Sees an incoming car and jumps back.) Oh! (thinks: That was close! I hope things are okay back in Pocketville!)

(In the Ever Grey Swamp, Zull, Gort, and Krakia are seen with a displeased Eva.)

Eva: I told you not to return unless you had the Friendship Heart!

Zull: It was all Krakia’s fault!

Krakia: My fault?! And who was it who found out that your sister is in the Big City?!

Eva: What do I care?! I want the jewel, and thanks to you incompetents, that little girl Kate has it! (Gort: Huh?) How am I to become Princess of the Pocket Kingdom without the stone?

Krakia: Wait! The girl? I heard her promise to return anytime the Friendship Heart is needed!

Eva: What?! She’s coming back! Are you sure?

Zull: Yeah, very sure!

Eva: Then the game is not over, and when that girl does set foot in Pocketville, I shall be waiting for her!

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