[theme song]

[At Kate’s house, Kate is about to climb out of the window, but Magic tugs on her dress to prevent her from doing so.]

Kate: Please, Magic, let me go! Please!

Magic: [growls] Forget it! Don’t even think about it!

Kate: I said let me go!

[Kate is knocked over, startling Wallace.]

Wallace: Oh!

Kate: [grunts]

Magic: Oh, I’m sorry, Katie. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Kate: It’s nothing; don’t worry. But you shouldn’t have pulled me by my dress. We could’ve gotten hurt!

Magic: But I had no choice! You were trying to get out the window!

Katie: But what alternative do I have? You know that my father grounded me; I’m only allowed to go out to go to school.

Wallace: It’s a big problem!

Kate: It certainly is! If I can’t even leave the house, how could I save Princess Ava? And I promised to everyone in Pocketville that I would!

Magic: And we will, I’m sure of it. But running away from home is too dangerous. If you got hurt, I would never forgive myself.

Wallace: Magic is right! And even if you did get to the Pet Buster’s house? What could you do? Risk getting into even more trouble?

Kate: [sighs] I know, you’re right. But how are we going to save the princess?

Magic: Hmm...we have to think of a plan. A really good plan, that’s all.

Wallace: Meantime, I’ll go and keep an eye on the situation. I could come and go without any problem, so I’ll go and stand guard outside the Pet Buster’s house.

Kate: Great idea! And remember, Wallace, if anything happens, come and tell us right away!

Wallace: [winks] You can bet on that.

[Wallace jumps out the window and runs off into the city. Kate closes the window.]

Magic: You’ll see, Katie. We’ll fix It sooner or later!

Kate: I really hope you’re right, Magic! I really do!

[Later, Kate is prepared for school.]

Kate: I’m ready!

[Kate walks over to her father, who is sitting on the couch.]

Kate: Morning, Dad! Are we going to school now?

Peter: Hm? But it’s still so early haven’t even eaten!

Kate: I’m not hungry. I just want to get some fresh air, now that I can’t go out anymore.

Peter: Listen, Kate, I don’t enjoy punishing you anymore than you enjoy being punished, but...I don’t understand why you did what you did! What’s gotten into you?

Kate: Uh, I’m sorry, Dad, but I can’t really explain it. Please, just try and trust me, okay?

Peter: We’ll see. In the meantime, get your overnight bag prepared.

Kate: Are we going somewhere?

Peter: After school, I’m taking you to a coworker’s house; you’ll sleep there! I have to accompany a group a tourists out of town and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Kate: Oh, I see.

Peter: Hey, what’s with the long face? You’ll see, you’ll have fun! My coworker even has a daughter your age!

Kate: Well, if you say so!

Magic: [barks] (thinks: Wait a minute, Katie doesn’t go anywhere without me!)

Peter: What’s the matter with Magic?

Kate: I think he wants to come with me. Is that okay?

Peter: Sure, why not? He is your little puppy, after all!

Magic: [barks]

[Kate, Magic, and Peter all arrive at Maggie’s house.]

Maggie’s mother: And this is my daughter, Maggie!

Kate: [takes off bag] Pleased to meet you!

Maggie: Nice to meet you too, Kate!

[Kate and Maggie shake hands.]

Kate: And this is my puppy, Magic!

Magic: [barks]

Maggie: Oh, he’s so cute! [hugs Magic]

Magic: (thinks: Okay, okay, go easy, will you?)

Peter: Kate takes Magic everywhere. Is that okay?

Maggie’s mother: Of course! I love animals, and Magic looks like a fine little puppy.

Peter: Now, Kate, you be a good girl.

Kate: Don’t worry, Dad. [hugs Peter]

Maggie’s mother: Come on, Maggie, why don’t you show Kate your room? And you two could play!

Kate: Okay!

Maggie: Follow me!

Peter: See you tomorrow, honey.

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