[theme song]

[At Kate’s house, Kate, Magic, Ava, and Wallace are discussing about plans to return Ava to Pocketville.]

Kate: We’re ready. We can get started as soon as you want!

Magic: Oh, great! But what exactly are we supposed to do? I mean, in order to return the princess to Pocketville?

Kate: I haven’t thought about it yet.

Ava: Don’t worry, friends. The Pocketpedia will help you.

Magic: Are you serious?

Ava: Of course! Just ask, and it will respond!

Kate: Perfect! I guess that means we should go to Pocketville!

Magic: Let’s go!

Ava: Wait a minute! I almost forgot!

Kate: What?

Ava: I wish to declare a holiday in Pocketville in your honour!

Magic: Really? When?

Ava: Today! It’s the least I could do to thank you.

Kate: Thanks! It’s a great honour!

Ava: Pass on my orders to William. He’ll know what to do. Can you do that, Kate?

Kate: Mmhm!

[Both Kate and Magic put a paw and hand on each other.]

Kate and Magic: My puppy and I...(Magic: Katie and I...)...together forever! That’s all that I want!

[Kate and Magic teleport to Pocketville. They appear at the Magic Fountain, where a complete picture of Ava is shown and many pets are cheering.]

Magic: Are they cheering for us?

Kate: It looks that way!

Magic: Who would’ve imagine that?

[The Royal Guards approach Kate and Magic.]

William: Every pet in the kingdom knows that their princess is about to return, and it’s thanks to you two!

Kate: Thank you so much, but you know, without your help we would’ve never completed the puzzle!

Magic: Katie’s right. You Royal Guards have been amazing! [looks up at the Winged Guards] And that goes for you up there as well!

Winged Guard: Always at your service!

Mela: Well, you could say that we made a great team!

Balloon: I couldn’t agree more.

Danny: Eh, I knew it.

Magic: Danny, what’s the matter?

Danny: Nothing, it’s just that...I’m getting a little emotional!

[Mela, Balloon, and Magic laugh.]

William: What do we have to do now?

Kate: I’m not really sure. But the princess...she said to consult the Pocketpedia!

William: Well then, follow me inside the castle.

Mela: Guess what, Kate? We have a big surprise for you!

Kate: Huh?

[The group heads over to the Princess Suite.]

Kate: It’s the other half of the Friendship Heart!

Magic: How did you get it from Eva?

Mela: We didn’t get it from her! She just handed it over to us!

Kate and Magic: You’re joking!

William: Not at all, friends. Just like that, Eva surrendered.

Danny: And we are at the pleasure with throwing her in jail together with her two henchmen!

Kate: That’s incredible! [puts the half next to the other half of the jewel she has on the collar.]

Balloon: Look, the jewel is complete!

Kate: Ah!

Magic: Wow!

[The Pocketpedia activates, along with the two pieces of the Friendship Heart fusing into one.]

Kate: The Pocketpedia is moving!

Magic: Swishing tails! What’s happening?

[The Friendship Heart is returned to the collar Kate has on her wrist.]

Kate: Did you see that? The Friendship Heart is one piece again!

William: It’s ready to return to Princess Ava’s neck.

Danny: The Pocketpedia stopped moving!

[The Pocketpedia shows a page with a picture of Kate and Magic on it.]

Magic: That’s us on the springboard of the Magic Fountain!

Danny: Apparently the Pocketpedia’s trying to tell us something!

Kate: In order to get Princess Ava back, we have to start the Friendship Ceremony together!

Mela: You know, I think you’re right, Kate!

Balloon: It’s certainly worth a try.

Danny: Let’s get back and start the ceremony!

Kate: Wait a sec, I have something else to tell you. I have a message for William, from Princess Ava.

William: Really? A message for me?

Kate: The princess asks that you proclaim today a holiday for the entire kingdom. She was very adamant about it.

William: What? A holiday?

Balloon: Ohh...

Magic: That’s right! In our honour!

Danny: can’t be!

Magic: Well, maybe it is a little over the top...heh...

Mela: No, Magic, Danny wasn’t referring to you and Kate.

Danny: No one was thinking about Eva!

Kate: What does Eva have to do with it?

William: I’ll tell you, but first, are you quite sure the Princess wanted to officially proclaim a holiday?

Kate: Mmhm. That’s right.

William: Well then, that means we have to free Zull, Gort, and Eva.

Kate: No! Why would you do that? That’s a terrible idea!

Danny: It’s the law! On official holidays, all criminals are pardoned and the jails are emptied.

Magic: But I think if the princess knew that Eva was imprisoned, she would never have declared a holiday!

Danny: Magic is right!

William: No, friends, we can’t ignore a direct order from the princess.

Kate: He’s right. We have to trust Ava. If it’s her will, then let it be so.

Danny: It’s not fair! The one time we catch them!

Mela: It’s useless to protest; the law must be respected!

Balloon: Well then let’s get going. The sooner we free Eva and her henchmen, the sooner we get the princess back. She’ll know what to do.

William: That’s right.

[The Royal Guards, Kate, and Magic leave the room. Later, at the castle dungeon, William frees Eva and her lackeys.]

William: You’re free to go.

Eva: Hmm...

Zull: Free to go?

Gort: Really?

Zull: Yeah?

William: Yes, unfortunately! [growls]

Eva: I imagine that it isn’t your decision, William!

William: Mmhm.

Eva: My sister must’ve declared a holiday today, and this means all prisoners are released!

William: [growls] That’s right, but be careful, Eva. Don‘t cause any problems!

Zull: We’ve been pardoned! I can finally begin a new life! [laughs]

Gort: [chuckles] Very good. I won’t bite anybody again, well, unless they make me angry.

Eva: Stop that right now! I knew Ava would proclaim a holiday, that’s why I allowed us to be arrested!

Zull: Yes, I knew that!

Eva: Now we can get near the Magic Fountain!

Gort: The fountain? You don’t want to steal the jewel again!

Eva: Yes, exactly! And you’ll help me! This time, Ava won’t escape!

[Back at Kate’s house, the Pet Buster arrives.]

Pet Buster: Well, well, Kate’s father’s off to work. The coast is clear. The little girl and her beloved pets are within my grasp. And this time, there’ll be no escape.

[The Pet Buster walks through the gates. Back in Pocketville, the Royal Guards see Eva and her lackeys in a suspicious way.]

William: I’m convinced that Eva is plotting something during the ceremony. Don’t take your eyes off them.

Mela: Mmhm.

Balloon: Mmhm.

[The Royal Guards turn to Kate and Magic.]

William: Come on, friends! The moment has arrived.

[Kate and Magic walk to the springboard.]

Kate: Are you with me, little friend? It’s up to you and I now, Magic!

Magic: I’m with you, Katie!

[Kate takes off the collar and places it in front of her. She raises her arms in the air.]

Kate: Let the Friendship Ceremony begin!

[The Friendship Heart glows.]

Kate and Magic: Let the spirit of the Friendship Heart light the way to the Magic Fountain! And may the true princess of Pocketville be returned to her throne, where she belongs!

[Back at Kate’s house, Ava and Wallace share feelings together.]

Ava: Oh...

Wallace: Ava?

Ava: I’m going home!

Wallace:’ll be gone shortly, and I’ll never see you again!

Ava: It doesn’t have to end this way! Come with me!

Wallace: Me? You really want me to come with you to Pocketville?

Ava: Of course! I’ll make you a Royal Guard! You certainly earned it.

Wallace: Thanks Ava, it’s tempted, but I can’t except.

Ava: Huh?

Wallace: I’m a stray, not a Royal Guard! I prefer roaming the streets, and maybe I’ll come across another lost kitten in need!

Ava: You mean like me?

Wallace: Like you!

[Wallace and Ava nuzzle each other and then share a kiss. Meanwhile, at the Magic Fountain, Kate, Magic, and multiple pets are cheering and chanting the anthem. Eva has discussed her plan with Zull and Gort.]

Eva: Get ready, you two.

[Back at Kate’s house, Ava and Wallace witness a portal opening to Pocketville.]

Ava: Ah!

Wallace: Oh!

Ava: The wall, it’s disappeared!

Wallace: It’s turned into a kind of opening. If you want to return, I think you better cross it!

Ava: Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?

Wallace: Yes, but if you need help, just whistle and I’ll come running.

Ava: The same goes for me too, my friend. You know that.

[Suddenly, the Pet Buster barges in Kate’s room to attempt to snatch Ava.]

Ava and Wallace: [gasps]

Pet Buster: Where’d you think you’re going, princess?

Ava: Ah!

Wallace: Hurry, go! [growls]

Ava: Wallace, no!

[Back in the Magic Fountain, Kate, Magic, and multiple pets are continuously cheering and chanting the anthem. The Friendship Heart levitates towards the pedestal.]

Eva: Now! Get going, you two!

[Zull and Gort run and get stopped by the Royal Guards.]

William: Don’t even think about it, you two! [growls]

Danny: [growls]

Balloon: We won’t allow you to interrupt again. [growls]

Eva: Ha! My trap has worked! Everyone’s busy and no one can stop me! Friendship Heart, here I come! [leaps over to catch the jewel.]

[Back in Kate’s room, the Pet Buster tries to catch Ava.]

Wallace: [growls] Stay away from Ava! [turns to Ava] What are you waiting for? Go, go home!

[Wallace is thrown by the Pet Buster, knocking him unconscious.]

Pet Buster: Finally, Princess Ava...

[Ava runs away from the Pet Buster and enters through the portal.]

Eva: [meows]

Kate and Magic: Let the spirit of the Friendship Heart light the way to the Magic Fountain! And may the true princess of Pocketville be returned to her throne, where she belongs! Ava!

[Pets are cheering for Ava. Eva and Ava then switch places.]

Ava: Oh...where am I?

Kate: You’re home, princess!

[All pets let out a cheer for Ava and laugh, relieved. Ava chuckles, both relieved and a bit overwhelmed. She is placed down by Kate and meets the Royal Guards.]

William: Welcome back, Princess Ava!

Ava: William, and my friends!

Danny: I’m so happy, I could cry!

Balloon: Not again.

[Ava and the Royal Guards laugh.]

Balloon: Hey, where did Eva go?

[Back in Kate’s room, the Pet Buster snatches Eva.]

Eva: Let me go!

Pet Buster: Wait a’re not Ava!

Eva: I said get your hands off me!

Pet Buster: Even though you’re practically identical to her.

Eva: Of course, you fool! I’m her twin sister!

[The Pet Buster places Eva in a cage.]

Pet Buster: I’ll settle for you for the time being.

Eva: [meows angrily and uncomfortably]

[Back in Pocketville, Kate is about to witness something magical.]

Kate: Now that you’re home again among your subjects, my work is done here, and I must return this to you.

Ava: Dear Kate, your soul is so pure and generous, that you deserve a special reward.

Kate: Ah!

[The Friendship Heart levitates from Kate’s bracelet and into the Magic Fountain, altering the fountain’s appearance.]

Kate: It’s incredible! The Magic Fountain is changing shape!

Magic: And the Friendship Heart is, too! Look!

[The Friendship Heart forms a new, cyan jewel nearly identical to it, called the Ocean of Friendship.]

Kate: Hey, there are two jewels now!

[The Friendship Heart returns to Kate’s bracelet and the Ocean of Friendship is given to Ava.]

Kate: I...I don’t understand!

Ava: It’s simple: the Friendship Heart is yours forever; I no longer need it. The Ocean of Friendship will allow me to fulfill my duties as princess.

Magic: Hurray! Hurray! I can still talk with Katie!

Ava: Not only that, Magic. You can come and visit us whenever you want.

Magic: Yes!

Kate: Thank you, princess, it’s a wonderful gift!

Ava: Thank you; your pure heart allowed my powers to transform the Friendship Heart and the Magic Fountain.

Kate: You really mean that?

Ava: I do.

Kate: Oh, thank you, princess, thank you so much!

[Kate and Magic return to their house.]

Kate: I’m so happy it worked out! Now we don’t have to worry about anything! I can be just a normal girl with a special puppy!

Magic: What could be better than that?

[Kate comes inside and sees her father Peter with her mother Maria.]

Kate: Huh?

Peter: Now is that any way to greet your mother? I didn’t leave to go to work this morning, I went to pick up Mom! I wanted to surprise you.

Kate: Will you stay a few days?

Maria: No, Kate! I got a transfer! I’m here for good!

Kate: Ah!

[Kate hugs her mother.]

Magic: You know, I think I was wrong. There is something better! [laughs]

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