"Is it Felis aulicus? Feles Aulicus? Felis aulicum?"
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Eva (Ima in Italian and other languages) is a seal-point Siamese (presumably resembling an old-style Siamese), Princess Ava's twin sister, and the main antagonist of the series. She is one of the two cats of the fictional Felis aulicus species (means "Cat of the Royal Court" in Latin), the rarest cat species known to people in the Big City.

She is the leader of her gang, which consists of herself, Zull, Gort, and Krakia.

Jealous of Ava's position of power, she hatches a plan to steal the Friendship Heart while her sister is busy with the Friendship Ceremony. She ends up breaking the Friendship Heart in two and accidentally sending Ava to the Big City. She escapes capture with one half of the jewel, leaving the other half in the heroes' paws.

Determined to become the next monarch of the Pocket Kingdom, she does everything she can to recover that half and keep Kate, Magic, and the Royal Guards from bringing Ava back. However, as fate would have it, this dark obsession led to her ending up being the Pet Buster's new prisoner.

She is voiced by Katherine Wilson and Rebecca Forstadt in English, and by Marcella Silvestri in Italian.


Eva is beige with dark gray color point markings on her ears, face, legs, and tail, and has blue eyes. She has a beauty mark next to her left eye. In the first episode, she wears a dark purple collar with light gray spikes.

Depiction in the series

Little is known about Eva’s backstory, but she claimed to be evil all her life and never loved her sister despite Ava claiming that she was not evil, and that Eva was merely jealous of Ava’s position of power. This showed in a flashback in the episode, “Operation ‘Princess’: Part 2”. However, it is completely ambiguous and vague to whether Eva or Ava is correct.



Eva is known to be extremely jealous of her sister Ava to the point where she started doing bad deeds and plotting an usurp to overthrow Ava and make herself the monarch of the Pocket Kingdom instead. However, it is vague what caused Eva to be that way.


Eva is shown to not give up easily and would do anything to have possession of the Friendship Heart and take the title as queen.


Being brave is one of Eva’s primary traits, as it is shown that she and her gang hide out in the Ever Grey Swamp, a region other pets fear and would never go to, and even her underlings Zull and Gort were hesitant to agree with that decision.

She also dared to meet Durillia, someone who a lot of pets have feared, and she showed no hesitation or fear when encountering her in her cave.


Eva is known to be very intelligent and clever, and always seems to create cunning and devious plans to either steal the other half of the Friendship Heart or do another evil deed that would get in the protagonists’ way. However, despite her thoughtfully planned-out plots, she and her lackeys fail all the time, especially due to the incompetence of Zull and Gort. However, she sometimes depends on Durillia for advice on whatever plan she would think about.

She knows all about the Pocket Kingdom‘s laws and how they work, and even knows how to do things that are considered against them, which are shown in her plans.

She knows how the Pocketpedia does its bidding, and it is speculated that it could be because she would eavesdrop on her sister, as Ava mentioned in the episode “The Friendship Ceremony” that her method of performing the Friendship Ceremony is a secret.

She even found a way to win over the Pet Buster by striking a deal to send him pets in exchange for keeping her sister Ava hostage for ransom. However, her friendship with the Pet Buster did not last long as she got herself captured in “Together Forever: Part 2”.

She has the ability to detect weaknesses in anyone, especially when she distracted the snow leopard at the Land of Eternal Snow by sending Gort disguised as another leopard to grab his attention, in order to fetch the Never Alone Flower.


Eva is a feline full of hatred. She is shown to hate everyone in the Pocket Kingdom, including her own lackeys. She especially hates her own sister, especially that she has a strong jealousy for Ava’s position of power and ownership of the Friendship Heart.

In the episode “Operation ’Princess’: Part 2”, she tells Ava through the Communication Shells that she has hated her for her entire life, and it shows in the flashback that Eva even got to the point to where she would attempt to kill Ava in the past by breaking off a nearby tree branch with a rope tied to it, which would supposedly crush Ava’s spine if she were too slow. Luckily, Ava only injured her hind paw from the falling branch, but Eva made her believe that it was simply an “accident”, when it was actually done on purpose.


Eva is the leader of her gang, and she shows it very well when dealing with her lackeys. She is able to command Zull, Gort, and Krakia to deal with Kate, Magic, and the Royal Guards.


Eva is shown to have a descent amount of skills.


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  • Eva is known to be a one-dimensional villain to many people, as she claims to have been evil the whole time. In fact, Eva doesn’t have any known redeeming factors.
  • Eva's growls sound more like a dog's growl rather than a cat's for unknown reasons in many dubs. However, she makes more cat-like noises in the French dub.


For more quotes, check out the episodes’ transcripts.

If those Royal Guards think they’ve seen the last of me, they are very much mistaken. When the time is right, I shall show them who is the rightful princess of the kingdom...”

~Evershell the Wise

"Finally, I will be the indisputable queen of the Pocket Kingdom! I will have unlimited power!"

~White Paw (Part 2)

"Not a chance! Thanks to this jewel, I shall become the queen of the kingdom, and your dear Ava will be banished from Pocket Kingdom!" (laughs)

~Sweet Dreams (Part 2)

"Ha! My trap has worked! Everyone's busy and no one can stop me! Friendship Heart, here I come!"

~Together Forever (Part 2)


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She is the Siamese cat twin sister of Princess Ami. Ima has decided to take her sister's Princely Collar to oust her and take over the Kingdom of Pocketville.  In secret, she plots evil plans to keep Ami from reigning over Pocketville.

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