"Is it Felis aulicus? Feles Aulicus? Felis aulicum?"
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Evershell (Ogniguscio in Italian) the Turtle is one of the two wisest creatures in all of Pocketville, the other being Durillia, who considers him her archenemy. He has a distant relative named Slowpoke. He lives in a hidden cave far away, and is guarded by a panther and cheetah. He gives Kate and friends advice in the form of riddles (much to Danny’s dismay), because he believes in their intelligence.

He seemed to be of very old age, however, Magic states that nobody knows how old he truly is.

He has known Princess Ava very well and they have shared many secrets, one of which being a field full of golden flowers that bloomed after every Friendship Ceremony.


His first appearance is in "Evershell The Wise" when he is met upon by the Royal Guards because they had no idea how to get Kate home, and that Ava was no where to be found.

Then, he appeared in “A Big Responsibility (Part 1)” because with the princess gone, they had no idea how to fulfill her duties. But, all he said was that only Kate could be able to truly fulfill the duties the Siamese monarch has left for her. He also states that without the purpose of the Ceremony, then the Pocket Kingdom will cease to exist.

He makes yet another appearance in TBD

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