"Is it Felis aulicus? Feles Aulicus? Felis aulicum?"
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Jenny (Ginevra in Italian) is a pony who was chosen for Vanessa in the episodes A Bad Fall (parts 1 and 2).

She accidentally got her hooves into grass that Eva planted and her hooves started to itch and she kept running around and pawing in the air until Kate brushes her coat in order to get her to calm down. She is then told to bathe her hooves in cold water to rid of the sensation.


Jenny has a tan coat with a blonde mane and tail, beige hooves, and blue eyes. She wears a pink collar with a pocket-shaped name tag.

Depiction in the series


Jenny is a kind horse, as shown when she helps a fellow pony up after he accidentally fell over, motivating him to try again.


A Bad Fall (Part 1)

Jenny first appears when she motivates one of her fellow horses to try again after he failed to jump the hurdle. As soon as Kate and Magic arrive with the Royal Guards, she immediately recognizes the duo, complimenting them. Kate tells Jenny that Vanessa is in need of encouragement to get back to horseback riding. As always, Jenny thinks of going to the Big City as a dream come true.

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