Leo is a kind and clever Bloodhound dog who knows a solution to finding items when they are somewhat lost. One of his examples is to put items in boxes.

He appears in the episodes "In the Cove of the Cat: Part 1" and "In the Cove of the Cat: Part 2" when Eva disguises herself as a tabby cat and says that she lost her ball of yarn to trick Leo into getting himself lured into the Ever Grey Swamp.

When Eva leaves her hideout, she lets Zull and Gort guard him, however, Leo realizes that both dogs don't get along well and they up arguing, which distracted them for a while and he escaped.

He is the Chosen Pet for Maggie.

Depiction in the series


Leo is a responsible and clever dog. He can find ways to prevent valuable items from being lost or stolen, such as placing them in boxes.


  • Although Leo is said to be a bloodhound in the series, he resembles more of a Basset Hound.
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