Magic is Kate's adorable German Shepherd. He is voiced by Mark Hanna and Johnny Yong Bosch in English (the latter for only three episodes) and Renato Novara in Italian.

He serves as the co-main character alongside Kate. He's very kind and would protect his owner with his life. Together with the Royal Guards, the two carry on the important work of Princess Ava, the monarch of the Pocket Kingdom who was accidentally sent to the human world by her jealous twin sister, Eva. Their task is to match lonely children with new pet companions until the princess can find her way back home.


Magic has thick, tan fur with dark brown markings on the tips of his ears, face, back, and tail. He also has a black nose and amber eyes.

History and Personality

Magic's Pocketville name was Oristolfo. He didn't like that name and so was overjoyed with the new name Kate gave him. He was the first puppy to be Chosen on Pocketville's anniversary.

Magic is the only other animal character, besides Princess Ava and Eva, to wear the Friendship Heart, while Kate is the only human character to wear it.

He's the only one who calls Kate "Katie." As her best friend, he is very protective and thinks the world of her. He also gets along well with Kate's parents.

At his core, Magic is cheerful, kind, protective, brave, and cares deeply about others' well being.


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