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Magic Drops are solidified drops of water from the Magic Fountain. The water was said to be in liquid form before Kate arrived in the Pocket Kingdom. The water exploded and launched into the sky, scattering all across the Pocket Kingdom in the form of bubble-like drops when Ava was teleported into the Big City.

Each time a Magic Drop is placed back into the fountain, a piece of the puzzle resembling Ava appears. Occasionally it would show Ava's current location. In the episode, "The Last Piece (Part 2)", all drops were found and returned to the fountain, resulting in a complete picture of Ava.

Magic Drop Locations

  • (Going Home) Found near the Magic Fountain.
  • (A Big Responsibility, Part 1) Found by Balloon and Mela in the forest that is in the outskirts of Pocketville.
  • (Crest of a Wave) Found by Balloon and Mela on the shores of the Pocketville Bay.
  • (Frisbee) Found by Balloon in the mountains.
  • (New Friends, Part 1) Found by Magic in a mushroom.
  • (Don't Be Afraid) Found by Danny in the kitchen of the Pocketville Castle.
  • (Patience, Part 1) Found by the Winged Guards at the Great Peak.
  • (A Bad Fall, Part 2) Found by the Winged Guards after being trapped in the Ice River.
  • (The Puppybuster, Part 2) Found by Balloon and Mela atop the tallest tree in the Pocket Kingdom.
  • (White Paw, Part 2) Found by Mela on a dead tree in the geyser field of Puppy Key.
  • (The Final Piece, Part 2) Found in Sketch’s fur after falling in the wishing well.


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