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Reason: Molly may have been created with the stereotype of plus-sized people, that being that they tend to eat sweets rather than healthier foods.

I know, but I can't help it if I only like sweet things like cakes and ice cream!

—Molly, Food for Thought

Molly is a girl who appears in the episode Food for Thought. She initially only likes to eat sweets, resulting in herself becoming overweight. A talented hamster chef named Goldie is chosen to show her that healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can be just as tasty as sweets.


Food for Thought

Molly is first seen at a restaurant when Kate and Magic overhears her talking to her parents about how much she can’t resist eating too much sweets.

Later on, Molly leaves a store with two sticks of gelato, when Goldie teleports near her. The hamster gets Molly to follow her to a storefront, where both of them try an apple. Molly ends up finding the apple to be much more delicious than a cake can ever be.