Princess Ava (Ami in Italian) is a Red-Point Siamese cat and a Felis aulicus (which means "cat of the royal court"). Princess Ava is the monarch of Pocketville (and the Pocket Kingdom as a whole) who is loved by all. Her job is to send pets to lonely children in the Big City.

She was the original bearer of the Friendship Heart, but on the day of Pocketville's anniversary,her jealous twin sister Eva sent her to the Big City by accident, and the Friendship Heart was split in half. By the end of the series, she wears the Ocean of Friendship.

She also has a yellow star-shaped birthmark on her paw which proves that she is a Felis aulicus.


When in Pocketville, Ava is lovable, kind and caring to all her subjects. She will also not hesitate to save someone even if it means sacrificing herself, as shown when she saves Magic during the anniversary, but gets sent to the Big City in his place. She is also unusally oblivious to the fact that Eva hated her all her life and that Eva was plotting against her.

When in the Big City, she is shown to be incredibly stubborn and insists she can take care of herself, when she can’t. She gets easily irritated when Wallace thinks she needs help. She also has morals and doesn’t like it when Wallace steals, even if it’s food. But she got used to it and picked up Wallace’s habits.


Not very much is known about Princess Ava's past.

In Pocketville, Princess Ava would use the Pocketpedia to find perfect matches for lonely children whenever there’s a friendship ceremony. She keeps her methods secret, and the royal guards don’t know how she does it. She was excited for the day of the anniversary but didn’t notice Eva planning against her.

On the day of the anniversary, during the Friendship Ceremony, Eva sent Zull to steal the Friendship Heart, and Ava jumped to Magic and pushed him out of harm’s way, and she got sent to the Big City in his place.

In the Big City, Ava finds herself lost and hungry, until she succumbs to a fever and passes out. Wallace, a stray dog, takes care of her until she is better, and she keeps trying to avoid him. Eventually, she warms up to him and Wallace supports and teaches her how to adapt in the Big City. She proves herself to be able to handle challenges outside of her castle. All the while, she thinks about her friends and her home.

Ava later finds out that the Pet Buster, a man who captures stray animals and sells them in auctions, was focusing on her, because there were only two Felis Aulicus cats known to humans, and he would become rich if he sold her in an auction.

She is caught by the Petbuster on Kate’s birthday much to her dismay, and she is nearly sold in an auction, but is held hostage by the Petbuster when Eva contacts him.

Fortunately, Kate saves her. Before she left for Pocketville, she offered Wallace a spot in the royal guards, but he refused and they shared a kiss. After she returned to Pocketville, Ava explains Kate's heart is pure and generous, and the Ocean of Friendship is created and the Magic Fountain changed shape. She announces that Kate is allowed to keep the Friendship Heart and that Ava will use the Ocean of Friendship to continue to do Friendship Ceremonies and her duties as princess. Even though Eva causes a lot of trouble, Ava still loves her.


  • Even though Ava is the monarch, there was no mention in the show that she is a queen, which makes it bizarre, since she has no known parents that outrank her.