The lone snow leopard is an unnamed character who is known for guarding the legendary Never Alone Flower in the Land of Eternal Snow. He appears in the episodes, “The Search: Part 1”, and “The Search: Part 2”.


The snow leopard is known to be extremely protective of the flower, to where he would be very aggressive to those who would attempt to steal it from him. However, his weakness can get to him easily, as he gets excited when another member of his species catches his eye.


The Search: Part 1


The snow leopard first makes an appearance when Eva and her gang set paw in the Land of Eternal Snow in search for the flower he was guarding. As soon as the gang get close to the vegetative area of the region, where the flower was, he shows up to them, to when he would chase all three off. However, that did not stop Eva’s determination.

In this episode, he does not appear to have a collar.

The Search: Part 2

The snow leopard makes his second appearance in this episode, when Eva and her gang made more plans to steal the flower from him. The second plan was to corner him in three sides by Zull, Gort, and Krakia. Using his keen sense of smell and his agility, he prevented all three of Eva’s lackeys from snatching the flower. However, the gang came up with a third plan: to make Gort pretend to be another snow leopard by disguising as one, so the leopard guarding the flower would get fooled by thinking that there’s another one of his kind out there. This plan succeeded, which resulted in the rest of Eva’s gang claiming the flower in order to take it to Durillia.


Go away! No one is allowed in the Land of Eternal Snow!” (growls)

And don’t even think about coming back!

You dare to enter?!

Go away!” (growls)

Don’t ever come back again!

I don’t believe it! Another snow leopard! I’ve waited years to meet another snow leopard!

Wait! Come back! We could be friends!

Hey, friend! Where are you? Come out and play claws and paws!


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