"Are you trying to find out my royal secrets?"
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It's simple: the Friendship Heart is yours forever; I no longer need it. The Ocean of Friendship will allow me to fulfill my duties as princess.

Princess Ava

Episode 52 is titled Together Forever (Part 2) (The original title is Per sempre insieme (seconda parte), which means the same thing). It is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season and the final episode of the show.

Official Synopsis

Ava is getting ready to leave; overjoyed, she establishes an official holiday in honor of Kate and Magic. But unfortunately, that means the official release of all prisoners in the Pocket Kingdom! Ava unwittingly gives back freedom to Eva and her henchmen. Meanwhile, the animal snatcher breaks into Kate’s place to capture Ava again. The Friendship Ceremony begins.[1]


Kate, Magic, and Princess Ava all discuss about their plan to send Ava back to Pocketville in Kate’s room. Ava requests Kate to pass her orders to William about establishing a holiday in her honor.

Kate and her faithful puppy friend teleport to Pocketville, where they hear ecstatic cheering from the inhabitants near the Magic Fountain. Magic at first thought that they were cheering for him and Kate, but it was actually because everyone was excited about their beloved monarch’s return, as explained by none other than William. Kate and Magic thank the Royal Guards for helping them complete the puzzled needed in order for Ava’s return to happen, and even the Winged Guards, who happened to join in. Danny suddenly gets emotional for what is about to happen, which causes Magic to become a tad bit concerned. Kate tells the guards that they need to consult the Pocketpedia, and then Mela points out that they have a surprise: they somehow claimed the other half of the Friendship Hear from Eva and her lackeys.

Mela explains that she and the other three did not simply “get” the shard from Eva, but instead the Siamese lended it over to them, as a form of surrendering. As Kate placed Eva’s half next to the half she already had, both halves suddenly levitated, causing both of them to fuse into the whole Friendship Heart, as well as having the Pocketpedia activate. The jewel is sent back to Kate’s bracelet, and the said book shows an image of both her and Magic on the Magic Fountain’s springboard. Now, the group will have to get ready for a rather different variation of the Friendship Ceremony: instead of sending a pet to an owner, this certain form would bring a pet, specifically Ava, back to Pocketville (perhaps it would be considered a “reverse” Friendship Ceremony). Kate finally tells William that Ava is to declare a holiday in her and Magic’s honor, but it turns out that on official holidays, all prisoners are pardoned and released, including Eva and her goons. However, Magic tries to refute over Eva’s pardon, eventually with Danny joining in, but Mela states that the kingdom’s laws must be respected no matter what.

William frees Eva, Zull, and Gort from the dungeon. Eva knew that her sister Ava must have declared a holiday, which would explain why the Golden Retriever opened the bars for them, which was an order he had to follow. William warns Eva to stay out of trouble when the Ceremony is placed into effect. Zull and Gort cheer for being freed, thinking they would turn over a new leaf, but Eva, the mean cat she always was, had other thoughts. Eva tells her lackeys that it was all part of her plan for forcing her gang to be arrested before the holiday is in effect. She then came up with another one of her plans: to take the Friendship Heart so Ava will not escape the Big City, but with Eva herself snatching the jewel and her lackeys to serve as the distractions.

Meanwhile, in the Big City, the Pet Buster approaches Kate’s house, as her father Peter was already off to work for the day. He puts on a determined expression, as he is eyeing for Ava so he can kidnap her and sell her in another auction.

Back in Pocketville, Eva and her gang pretend to watch the reversed Friendship Ceremony take effect, while the Royal Guards keep a lookout for them. The latter group turn towards Kate and Magic, who are ready to perform said ritual. Eventually the moment has begun for the reverse Ceremony to begin.








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