The Unfriendliness Ritual, also called the Ritual of the Broken Friendship, is a ritual opposite of the Friendship Ceremony. The ritual is done in a remote and hidden area in the Ever Grey Swamp called the Valley of No One.

For Eva’s performance of the ceremony, it required a hair from Kate’s head and a piece of fur from Magic’s pelt, and for Eva and Krakia to each take a Communication Shell. Since the Friendship Ceremony relies on love, the Friendless Ceremony relies on hate. It is said that any pet that is sent via the ritual will not be with their perfect owner.

The words to the ritual are as follows: “Follow your instincts and your dark heart. That is how you will find the formula for the broken friendship. So that evil will triumph over good, bad things over good things, an eye over my sister Ava, let the adventure begin!”


  • Krakia is the only pet teleported by this ritual.
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