Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville Wiki

The two best queens ever. And, yes, it was me who photoshopped Ava into this picture of Queen Elizabeth II.

Hey y’all. I was originally VanillaFlare, but this is my new account.

I’m a renowned Pocketville enthusiast, a Ghibli nerd, and a Queen Elizabeth II stan at the same time!

Some of my latest Pocketville-related art

Facts about me

  • I reside in one of the southern states of the USA, but I don’t consider myself a redneck or a hillbilly.
  • I am not kidding when it comes to this: I’m autistic. I also have ADHD and anxiety.
  • I’m a huge fan of Queen Elizabeth II, which would explain why she may be chilling around somewhere here.
  • I love any indie (off-Hollywood) movies such as films that come from Ghibli or Cartoon Saloon.
  • I type in British English because I like it more than American English.
  • My favourite dog and cat breeds are the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (my username even has it) and the Siamese cat, respectively. However, my favourite animal is the red fox.
  • I do my best to stay calm, both irl and online, but if things heat up, I lose it.
  • However, I am generally a nice and kind person, especially online.
  • I’m quite a shy person in real life.