Wallace (Spot in Italian and other languages) is a stray Schnauzer-Poodle (Schnoodle) mix who helps Ava during her time in the Big City. He doesn't believe that Ava is of royal blood until they meet Kate and Magic, who confirm that it is indeed a true fact.

He's a loyal friend to Kate, Magic, and Ava, proving it when he risks his life to save Ava from the Pet Buster. Unlike most strays, he enjoys the freedom of living on the streets rather than living with an owner.

He is voiced by Airth Lollar in the English dub and Paolo de Santis in the Italian dub.

Physical Appearance

Wallace is a long, shaggy-furred, gray dog with lop ears, a short tail, a dark gray nose, and purple eyes. He wears a green collar with a pocket-shaped name tag.


  • Although he lives in the Big City, he has a pocket-shaped name tag, which the citizens of Pocketville usually have.
  • A lot of fans of the series believe that Wallace is Ava's love interest. This could potentially be true because in the episode, "Together Forever: Part 2", they both share a kiss.
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