Zull is a Rottweiler dog who is one of Eva's three lackeys. He is known to get in arguments with Gort, and he also once said Eva was not always the selfish cat she is now. Eva's plans usually backfire due to his and Gort's unintelligence.

In one episode, it proves that Zull is actually smarter than Gort.

He is not very polite but showed very good manners when he saw a female Rottweiler at Bella's school in the episode "Good Manners: Part 2".

He and Gort also tend to get scared easily, which can easily aggravate Eva.

Depiction in the series


Both Zull and Gort are the anti-theses of intelligence. They tend to not cooperate so well with Eva and even Krakia. Zull is the tougher counterpart of Zull.



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